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There are plenty of options for the riders to choose between a day ride or planning a motorcycle trip here in Texas.

To drive a motorcycle in Texas, one must have a Class M Driver’s license. And to apply for the license, one must be 16 or above.

So if you are a legal motorcycle rider and also living in Texas, this article will help you to find the best motorcycle rides in Texas. 

Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in Texas

Below is the best motorcycle rides list in Texas. These roads give the best riding experiences to the riders.

The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner

The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner
Website:The Twisted Sisters
Address:Ranch Rd 335, Rocksprings, TX 78880
Attraction:Hilly roads and beautiful natural scenery.

Situated in the Hill Country region of Texas, The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner is a 100-plus mile loop. It is a famous and legendary route comprising three highways in the southern part of Texas. 

The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner comprises three highways, TX 335, TX336 and TX337, respectively. Due to the geographical position, there are steep hills and twisty tight curves. So it is at the same time challenging, thrilling and joy riding for motorcycle riders. 

As it is made up of highways, it remains open 24/7 throughout the year. Riders should be extra careful while riding at night due to lots of ups and downs with sharp turns present here. 

There are no gas stations in The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner. So people coming here are suggested to top up their fuel tanks before entering the region.

There are some small cafeterias by the side of the road where riders can give a break and have some food or drinks. 

While cruising at a normal speed, it takes about four hours to ride through The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner. These roads offer one of the most beautiful views while riding in the whole of Texas. 


Website:Motorcycle Roads
Address:13500 Noel Rd #124, Dallas, TX 75240
Attraction:Beautiful natural scenery of the countryside.

Situated in North Dallas, Texas, NORTH DALLAS TWISTIES is a route of 48 miles with lots of turns and twists. It is a beautiful route running through the countryside, allowing the riders or travelers to enjoy the natural scenic beauty.

NORTH DALLAS TWISTIES begins from north of Plano, Denton, Texas. It then gradually passes through Denton, Aubrey, Celina, Weston and Mckinney. These are some of the small cities with sprawling fields and sparkling creeks around Dallas. 

The route connects three highways, TX377, TX289 and TX75, respectively. It takes around 2 hours to complete the whole route by riding.

There are many historic buildings along with restaurants on the sides of the roads throughout the route. Riders can give a break and stop at any of those restaurants. 

Riders are suggested to take precautionary steps and be careful while riding after rain or in strong wind. Because the road becomes slippery after the rain and also strong wind brings dust and rocks over it making it dangerous.

Although there is a small gas station along the route, riders are suggested to top up their fuel tanks before entering here. 

NORTH DALLAS TWISTIES consist of long straights, twisted and wide turns and cover historic architectural infrastructure. Thus it ensures a joyful ride for the riders.


Phone:(888) 900-9901
Address:1845 N Interstate 35E, Carrollton, TX 75006, United States.
Attraction:Mountain route with lake and cliff view.

Situated in the Fort Worth area of Dallas, Texas, POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE RIDE is a 300 km + long route. It is a route for smooth riding with no unexpected challenges while riding. 

The ride along this route is a full-day ride. There are plenty of places along the route where riders can stop for food, fuel or historical site visits. A museum of vintage vehicles is also present alongside. 

POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE RIDE consists of straight roads along with some twisty turns. But overall, the route is straight ahead. The route passes by the side of the lake, where riders can enjoy the scenery from over the dam. 

Although the roads are safe and smooth, riders should be careful of the loose gravel on the road. Because it is a regular route for gravel trucks, some gravel might be found loose on the road dropped from those trucks. 


Website:Texas Rivers Protection Association
Address:Fm 170, Lajitas, Texas 79852.
Attraction:Scenic mountain ride.

LAJITAS TO SANTA ELENA CANYON is a 97 km long route between Lajitas and Santa Elena Canyon in Texas. It is via FM 170 highway. 

Starting from Big Bend national park, Lajitas, through FM 170, the route gradually passes through Ross Maxwell and the Rio Grande. After reaching the Santa Elena Canyon, the route then extends towards the Chison Basin area, where riders can ride through monumental mountain formations. 

Riding through LAJITAS TO SANTA ELENA CANYON route can take up to 2 hours. It’s an incredibly beautiful route with curves and straight paths through mountains, valleys and cliffs along with some semi-desert areas. 

Riders should travel through this route during spring or fall and avoid it during the Summer. Because in Summer, riders won’t be able to enjoy the scenic view due to excessively hot weather. 

Guadalupe River Road

Guadalupe River Road
Guadalupe River Road
Website:Texas Escapes
Phone:(800) 572-2626
Address:River Rd, New Braunfels, TX 78132
Attraction:Small and big bridges over the river.

Guadalupe River Road is a route situated beside the Guadalupe river through the FM 2673 highway. It is a 39 miles long route towards Canyon Lake in the South. 

This road was specially designed beside the Guadalupe river. It sweeps back and forth throughout the river with lots of small and big bridges over the river. 

Guadalupe River Road consists of gentle turns along with some sharp turns. As a result, due to limited sight distance, slow-speed cruising is the best while traveling on this road. It takes almost 1.5 hours to cruise through this road. 

This road is not suitable for beginner riders and can be a risk to life too. Only experienced riders should drive through this road. 

There are lots of places and locations around Guadalupe River Road where people can stop for off-road experiences or historical sightseeing. 

During the rainy season, some of the low bridges go underwater due to the flood resulting from heavy rain. It is risky to cross those bridges at that time, and one shouldn’t attempt to do so. There is an alternate way, Route 306, which can be used in such a situation.

Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55

Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55
Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55
Website:Motorcycle Roads
Phone:(830) 683-1995
Address:Rocksprings, Texas 78880 TX-55, Camp Wood, TX
Attraction:Sweeping curves.

Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55 is a 49 miles route between Rock Springs and Camp Wood through highway TX 55. It is one of the best routes for motorcycles in Texas because of the cornering experiences. 

Starting from Rockspring, the road heads to the south towards Camp Wood. Due to the sweepy curves and grades, riders experience the true joy of cornering like a pro. However, most of it is straight ahead. 

It takes about less than an hour to ride through this route. There are no gas stations or food shops on this road. Riders can give a stop or break in Rock Springs before entering this road.

The landscape or natural view might be boring, but driving is full of pleasure through Rock Springs to Camp Wood on TX Route 55. 


Website:Fredericksburg Texas Online
Phone:(512) 463-6100
Address:Hwy 16 North Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Attraction:Beautiful landscape with a well-maintained road.

WILLOW CITY LOOP is a 21-mile-long road outside of Fredricksburg. It is a small road passing through rural and wildlife environments. 

People riding through WILLOW CITY LOOP can enjoy some beautiful wildlife landscapes. During Summer and Spring, the fields on the sides of the roads are full of blooming flowers. It becomes an eye-catching scenery. 

It takes almost 40 minutes to cross this road. On weekends, there is heavy traffic here due to a lot of sightseers visiting. So to avoid heavy traffic and a heavy gathering around, it is better to travel on weekdays through here. 


Website:Sol Salute
Phone:(564) 428-4589
Address:16461 FM 170 Presidio TX
Attraction:Scenic views of ghost towns and mountains.

ROUTE 170 – THE RIVER ROAD is a highway between Presidio and the ghost town of Terlingua. It is also known as Highway 170. 

The road starts from the western part of Candelaria and proceeds towards Terlingua through border areas, river areas and ghost towns. As some part of it skirts along the Rio Grande river, it is hence called the River Road. 

Route 170 is maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. It is 185 km long. It takes almost 3 hours to travel on this road. 

While cruising through this road, bikers get the opportunity to travel along the border area of Western Texas along with traveling by the side of the Rio Grande river. 

There are sharp turns and steep inclines on the part of Big Bend Ranch State Park. Some parts are like rollercoaster elevation.  Riders must be extra careful while riding through these parts. 

The Red River Cruise

The Red River Cruise
The Red River Cruise
Address:10282 River Landing RdDenton, MD 21629
Attraction:Beautiful view of the river valley

The Red River Cruise is a road situated in Denton, Texas. It is a 130-mile-long route starting and ending both in Denton. 

Four highways are connected by this route. These are highway 35, highway 77, highway 82 and highway 377. 

The road starts from the south of Denton and heads towards Forestburg through 2164. Then it goes through Bolivar, Saint Jo and passes by the Red River Motorcycle Trail in Bulcher. After that, it heads back to Gainsville, south of Denton, Texas. 

Riding through The Red River Cruise takes almost 3 hours. It consists of gentle curves and straight roads. Riding through this road allows riders to enjoy four different types of natural views. Some parts of the road lie aside from the Red river, which gives the riders strong wind blows. 

There are many restaurants and gas stations along this route. Riders can stop at these locations to get some food and drinks or to get a break. 


Address:South end: FM 1774 in Pinehurst‎ West end: FM 3090 west of Anderson
Attraction:Tall pine trees by the side of the road.

HIGHWAY 149 which is known as FM 149, is a highway in Texas connecting Anderson and Montgomery. It is a small highway segment with a length of about 49 miles. 

Starting from Anderson, it passes through Richards, Grimes County, Sam Houston National Forest and Lake Conroe, respectively. It finally then enters Montgomery.

It is a beautiful and relaxing road for motorcycle riders. It has some sharp and sweeping curves but with good measurement. Part of the road that passes through the Sam Houston National Forest is covered in the shade of tall and majestic pine trees. 

Overall it is a beautiful and smooth road suitable for relaxing riding. It takes almost 40 minutes to ride through this road. 


Are motorcycle rides suitable in Texas?

Motorcycle rides are suitable and also fun in Texas. With a territory of over 260000 square miles, Texas is blessed with lots of diversity in nature and regions. Riders can enjoy these scenic diversities by riding through the whole state. 

For motorcycle riding, which state is the safest in the whole U.S.?

Hawaii state of the U.S is the safest state for riding motorcycles in the whole U.S. Because it is a motorcycle-friendly state. From roads to the law enforcement authority, everything is motorcycle-friendly. Besides, Rugged Volcanic Terrain and Picturesque Pacific Island provide the riders best riding experiences. 

Which states have the highest motorcycle fatalities rate?

Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas have the highest rate of motorcycle fatalities in the whole country. According to the record, there were a total of 6000 deaths due to motorcycle accidents in 2021 in these three states. 

Which bikers club is the most famous in Texas?

BMC or Bandido Nation is the most famous bikers club in Texas. Its headquarter is in Houston, Texas. It has an active membership of 2500. And it is active worldwide. 


Since ancient times, humans have been fond of riding. Then they used to ride on horses which through generations evolved into motorcycle riding. It has become a genetic trait of human beings. 

Being a large state, Texas has thousands of km of roads across the whole state spread like a web. To enjoy the natural diversity of the state, it is best to ride through these roads with a motorcycle. 

So if you are a motorcycle-loving person living in Texas and legal to ride a motorcycle, this list might help you to find the best motorcycle rides in Texas.

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