10 Best Music Schools in Texas – Career in Music

As a large state, it is not astonishing that Texas is home to lots of music schools. It is a music innovation center in the whole of the U.S. 

It is the birth state of many types of music. Two among three people listen to music here. 

Every year approximately 4.2 million students enroll in music programs in the whole U.S. It is 1.2 % of the total student enrollment. 

In Texas, the average annual cost for a music school undergraduate program is around $30000. The music school student acceptance rate is 68%. So admission is quite competitive here. 

50% of graduates from these music schools finally start their careers in music. 

So if you are a music-loving person living in Texas and also want to get admitted to a music school, this article will help you to find the best music school in Texas. 

Top 10 Music Schools in Texas

Below are the best music schools in Texas classified in order of reviews and ratings. These music schools provide the best education, lessons, and experiences in music in Texas. 

Music Schools International Dallas

Music Schools International Dallas
Music Schools International Dallas
Website:Music Schools International Dallas
Phone:(214) 449-6299
Address:14902 Preston Rd #720, Dallas, TX 75254, United States

Music Schools International Dallas is a music school situated in Dallas, Texas. Children of age 2 and above can get enrollment here. 

Music Schools International Dallas arranges music and piano classes for the students with fun, contemporary and effective music. They offer their services with state-of-the-art equipment. 

The institution has a bunch of dedicated teachers and staff. It remains open 6 days a week. Open days are from Monday – Saturday. Sunday is the day off. 

Open hours are from 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM.

They have three different types of tuition fees varying on the weekly class duration. The tuition fee scale is as follows:

Duration:Weekly 30 minutes –$220 per month
Duration:Weekly 45 minutes –$320 per month
Duration:Weekly 60 minutes –$400 per month

Music Schools International Dallas accepts both cash and card as payment methods. They also have wheelchair accessibility and bike parking facilities for their students. 

Texas Musicville Music School Keller

Texas Musicville Music School Keller
Texas Musicville Music School Keller
Website:Texas Musicville Music School Keller
Phone:(817) 584-5818
Address:204 S Main St #300, Keller, TX 76248, United States

Texas Musicville Music School Keller is a music school situated in Mainstreet Depot, Keller, Texas. It is an institution for all levels of students; beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Texas Musicville Music School Keller has a group of expert instructors. They provide their student’s lessons on all types of musical instruments. Students can learn to play their preferable musical instruments here.

The institution doesn’t have any fixed open hours or off days. They are open all seven days a week. They provide the facility to customize learning hours according to the schedule of the students. Students can also choose their locations for getting lessons and can have online or offline classes. 

Texas Musicville Music School Keller offers only annual membership for their students. The annual membership charge is $50 per month. Students can only pay through the auto debit card payment system. They don’t accept any other payment method other than that.

Texas Musicville Music School Keller provides in-person or in-group classes according to the preference of their students. They are available at four different locations. And can also host classes in the locations chosen by their students. 

Students can have access to 4-10 lessons per month.

Texas School of Music

Texas School of Music
Texas School of Music
Website:Texas School of Music
Phone:(281) 974-5468
Address:4003 Bellaire Blvd Suite DD, Houston, TX 77025

Situated in Southside Place, Texas School of Music is a music school in Texas. It is a multicultural music school offering lessons on musical instruments. They also provide their students with fundamental education on music. 

At the Texas School of Music, a group of expert and passionate music instructors gives lessons to the students in a friendly environment. It remains open five days a week from Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the days off. Open hours are from 12:00 to 8 PM. 

Musical instruments they give lessons on are:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Violine
  • Drums and Percussion
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass

Their tuition fees range from $250 to $1500 per month, according to the number of classes and learning packages.

Their motive is to create active and practicing musicians. They also challenge their students through performance metrics constantly. This ensures achieving the music goal of their students. 

Velocity Music Academy

Velocity Music Academy
Music School in Cedar Park
Website:Music School in Cedar Park
Phone:(512) 782-8721
Address:2301 S Lakeline Blvd Ste 200, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Velocity Music Academy is a music school situated in Cedar Park, Texas. It is a musical institution run by employees having a degree in music. For over a decade, they have been providing music lessons to their fellow students. Their motive is to pass on the tradition of music from teacher to student for generations. 

Velocity Music Academy serves music lessons to people of all ages. Anyone with the age above six can get enrollment here. The institution remains open three days a week. These are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Open hours are from 10 AM – 7 PM

Musical Instruments they offer lessons on are:

  • Guitar
  • Violine
  • Viola
  • Piano
  • Strings

They offer lessons in private and also in groups to both adults and children. Their tuition fee is a year-round system. It covers a total of 48 lessons in 12 months. They have three different payment packages based on the time of class duration. These are:

30 minutes –$160 per month
45 minutes –$220 per month
60 minutes –$300 per month

Velocity Music Academy also provides the facility of online classes on demand.

School of Rock

School of Rock
School of Rock
Website:School of Rock
Phone:(512) 670-2360
Address:2525 W Anderson Ln. Suite 138, Austin, TX 78757

Located at Northcross Plaza, Austin, School of Rock is a music school in Texas. They provide music lessons to students of all ages through both in-person and online classes. They are specialized in designing students for on-stage performance.

They remain open all seven days a week. Open hours are:

Sun –11 AM – 7 PM
Mon –3 PM – 11 PM
Tue –3 PM – 9:30 PM
Wed –3 PM – 9:30 PM
Thu –3 PM – 11 PM
Fri –3 PM – 8:30 PM
Sat –9:30 AM – 5 PM

 School of Rock offers 10 different types of programs for children and adults. These are:

  1. Rock 101
  2. Performance
  3. Rookies
  4. Songwriting
  5. Online
  6. Little wing
  7. Adult Music Program
  8. House band
  9. Allstars
  10. Music Instruments + gear

They offer lessons on:

  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Keyboard + Piano
  • Drums

Tuition fees at School of Rock range between $120 and $750 per month, depending on the types of lessons and programs. Students can choose between a person or a group of classes.

Gray School of Music

Gray School of Music
Gray School of Music
Website:Gray School of Music
Phone:(214) 369-7772
Address:11661 Preston Rd Suite 136, Dallas, TX 75230, United States

Situated in Preston Lebanon Crossing, Gray School of Music is a music school in Texas. It has been in business for more than 55 years. They serve their clients with a bunch of staff who have already graduated in music. 

Gray School of Music has 16 noise-reduced halls for its students. They also have a hall room with a stage for letting the students perform on stage. It remains open six days a week. And Sunday is the day off. Open hours are:

Friday:2 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday:9:30 AM –2 PM
Monday:2 PM – 8:30 PM
Tuesday:2 PM – 8:30 PM
Wednesday:2 PM – 8:30 PM
Thursday:2 PM – 8:30 PM

Gray School of Music offers group lessons and private lessons for both adults and children. They offer lessons on:

  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Violine
  • Piano
  • Drums

They charge a non-refundable yearly registration fee of $70 per student. They have four different tuition fee packages based on weekly class duration. Tuition fee ranges between $170 and $260 per month. 

Greater Austin Music Academy

Greater Austin Music Academy
Greater Austin Music Academy
Website:Greater Austin Music Academy
Phone:(512) 337-2224
Address:1501 W Koenig Ln, Austin, TX 78756

Greater Austin Music Academy is a music school located in Austin, Texas. It offers online and in-person music classes for both children and adults. They have a group of teachers specialized in giving lessons to children, adults, and beginner and advanced-level musicians. 

Greater Austin Music Academy ensures performance-oriented teaching for its students. Students here get the opportunity to perform on stage and also visit artist classes. Students are also awarded here for achieving milestones and accomplishments. 

The institution remains open all seven days a week. Open hours are from 9 AM – 8 PM every day. They give lessons on:

  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Violin and Viola
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Music Composition and Theory 

Greater Austin Music Academy doesn’t have any yearly contract system for its students. They have a month-to-month system. There are three different packages for tuition fees based on weekly lesson duration. These Are:

30 minutes weekly private lesson –$170 per month
45 minutes weekly private lesson –$250 per month
1-hour weekly private lesson –$325 per month

Students can attend these class hours in person or online. 

Texas Tech University School of Music

Texas Tech University School of Music
Texas Tech University School of Music
Website:Texas Tech University School of Music
Phone:(806) 742-2011
Address:2624 18th St, Lubbock, TX 79410

Founded in 2004, Texas Tech University School of Music is a music school situated in Lubbock, Texas. Formerly it was a department of music at the College of Arts and Sciences. It offers graduate and undergraduate programs with a major or minor in music. 

At Texas Tech University School of Music, students get the opportunity to learn in 1:1 studio courses with faculty. Students also have access to a variety of instruments along with musical styles. 

There are two types of undergraduate programs with differences in fees here. These are:

  • Inside State – $11900 for the whole program
  • Out of State – $24500 for the whole program

And for Graduate programs, the cost ranges between $13000 and $16000. The institution hosts various musical events throughout the year. 

Butler School of Music

Butler School of Music
Butler School of Music
Website:Butler School of Music
Phone:(512) 471-7764
Address:2406 Robert Dedman Dr, Austin, TX 78712

Butler School of Music is a music school situated in Austin, Texas. It ranks in the top 3% for its size among the whole country.

The musical institution has a total of nine different programs of study on music. It has a teacher-student ratio of 7:1. And the average class size is between 15 -20

Butler School of Music remains open all seven days a week. From Monday – Saturday, open hours are from 8 AM – 10 PM. And on Sunday, open hours are from 10 AM – 10 PM.

Here the tuition fee is around $2000 – $4000 per semester for undergraduate programs. For in-state graduate students, the full-time fee is $10500. And for non-resident students, the fee is $19500. 

Butler School of Music has more than 100 experienced and passionate faculty members to teach their students. 

College of Music

College of Music
College of Music
Website:College of Music
Phone:(940) 565-2791
Address:415 Avenue C, Denton, TX 76201

Based in Denton, the College of Music is a music school in Texas. It is one of the largest enrollment music institutions accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The first Jazz studies program in the nation was developed by it. It is still one of the top schools for Jazz.

College of Music provides full accredited degrees from bachelor to doctoral level. Every year it holds more than 1000 concerts, recitals, and master classes. It is open four days a week, from Monday – Friday. Open hours are from 9 AM – 5 PM. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuition-fee range from $11200 – $21000 for in-state and out-of-state students respectively. 


Which college in Texas has the best music program?

Rice University in Houston, Texas, has the best music program under the Shepherd School of Music. It is best, particularly in every metric of music, such as classical performance, composition, conducting, etc. 

Which city is the best for a music career?

San Francisco, CA of the U.S.A is the best city for a music career. It has a music per density of 2.77 which is the highest in the world. 

Which musical career has the highest pay?

The high-paying job in the music industry is the Production Supervisor. The task of a production supervisor is to plan the schedule and make sure all necessary materials and equipment are available.  

Is music a difficult subject for a major?

Choosing music as a major may be a difficult one for a student. Because between classes, performances, and rehearsals, students may rarely have time to spare for themselves. 


For being a large state, Texas has a huge population which makes variations in people’s tastes, hobbies, and passions. For this, a huge number of music lovers and artists can be seen here.

These huge numbers of musical-oriented people have aroused the necessity for music schools. And thus, a lot of music schools have evolved here with time. 

These musical institutions help to keep the passion for music alive through generations. 

So if you are a thriving music person living in Texas and also considering taking lessons in music, this list might help you to find the best music school here.

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