10 Best Pies in Texas: A Testy Tour of the Lone Star State

Texans adore after-meal desserts, particularly pie. They appear to believe that pie is the perfect way to finish a meal.

Everyone has a preference, but pie made of pecan is the state’s official pie. There are an infinite variety of flavors to satisfy every appetite. I have compiled a list of ten of the top places in Texas to get a slice of the pie. 

These places serve everything from conventional cherry, apple, and pecan to the more unusual peanut butter cupcake and even red velvet pie. 

Top 10 Best Pie in Texas

There are numerous new pie restaurants emerging among the favorite top spots around Texas. So, I took on the job of trying every one of them in order to create this list of the greatest pie. 

It was a challenging but pleasant assignment. And, while there is a lot of wonderful pie in Texas, I have chosen only the very best for my recommendations below. I hope that you enjoy the pies along with the cafes. 

Blue Bonnet Cafe

Blue Bonnet Café
Blue Bonnet Cafe
Website:Blue Bonnet Cafe
Phone:+1 830-693-2344
Address:211 US-281, Marble Falls, TX 78654, United States.
Best Pies:Raspberry Creamy Pie.

The Blue Bonnet Cafe has been around since 1929. This cafe is named after a blue bonnet which is a type of hat. Many people confuse the name with the national flower. This cafe provides family cuisine favorites, including chicken sliced brisket, sandwiches, fried shrimp, and broils. Also, you will have breakfast items all day long. 

All of the cuisines are delicious, but it is the pie that brings visitors from around the state. There are coco, vanilla, and pastry types, as well as cherry, strawberry, walnut, caramel, custard, sweets, blue raspberry, and other typical pie dishes. Here a pie-selling hour on weeknights offers a perfect price on a piece of pie and a drink. 

They always take the week after Christmas off to provide their employees a much-needed break and vacation with their families. 

Blue Bonnet Cafe is a great spot to see your neighbors or colleagues and get up on what’s going on around the city. When going through Marble Falls, you may stop at this cafe. This cafe is all about good meals and cheerful greetings. But don’t forget to try their pie, that’s what made them world famous.  

They provide traditional home-cooked meals such as chicken-fried steaks with onions and potatoes. Breakfast items are available all day. Also, blue dish specials come with 3 sides. Aside from pie, their menu includes Smoked Chicken, Chicken Dumplings, Meatloaf with Red Sauce, St. Louis Smoked Ribs, and Sour Cream Turkey. 

Coffee Cup Family Restaurant

Coffee Cup Family Restaurant
Coffee Cup Family Restaurant
Website:Coffee Cup Family Restaurant
Phone:+1 254-796-4839
Address:300 2nd St, Hico, TX 76457, United States.
Best Pies:Raspberry Creamy Pie.

The Koffee Kup has been run by the same family for nearly half a century. This cafe is situated in the heart of Texas near the intersection of Highways 6 and 281. It is also a well-known landmark around here. It’s a popular meeting area for both residents and tourists. The restaurant provides brunch, dinner, and supper, but the majority of the customers come around for their pies. 

It is also a completely “non-smoking” cafe with three different dining spaces. These dining spaces include a full breakfast, luncheon, and supper menu and a capacity for 116 people.

Their daily menu of up to 15 flavors includes marshmallow types like vanilla, toffee, and cake. Also, they provide many conventional non-meringue tastes like peach chess, banana, black forest cake, and pecans. 

The Koffee Kup specializes in baking. Customers love their donuts and buns, but their pies are the most famous here.  

If you are feeling confused after visiting this cafe, I would suggest ordering the Doctor’s Office Icebox Pie. This has a creamy mozzarella and custard pudding inside in a wafer cracker base with caramelized cocoa and nuts on top. 

All of the wonderful flavors are freshly made in their personal kitchen. Whether you purchase entire pies or just a slice, you know you’ll come back for more. 

Texas Pie Company

Texas Pie Company
Texas Pie Company
Website:Texas Pie Company
Phone:+1 512-268-5885
Address:202 W Center St, Kyle, TX 78640, United States.
Best Pies:Southern Pecan Pies. 

A pie from Texas Pie Co. is always a good choice. Julie Albertson, the chef of Texas Pie Co., started baking before she established her own bakery shop in 1986. 

She uses her grandma’s old recipes, which have been handed down for many generations. And following that recipe, she has been making the pies and sells at Texas Pie Co. Pies. These pies are available in two sizes at this restaurant. The first one is about 6-inch deep-dish pies or 10-inch individual pies

This cafe is well-known for their handmade pies and casseroles. The Texas Pie Company also serves brunch dishes, soups, freshly cooked paninis, salads, and a variety of pies. It has a joyful, lively, and bright environment with several generations of family pictures and traditional paintings in the background.

Their menu features Classic Pies, Cream Pies, Cheese Cakes, Bar and Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, Cookies, Casseroles, Quiches, Lunch Items, Sandwiches, Salads, and Weekly Specials.

Southern pecans, key citrus, raspberry, blackberry rhubarb, bourbon, and butternut squash are among the pie flavors available. This cafe is also a full-service facility that provides regular lunch dishes as well as non-pie sweets.

Texan Cafe and Pie Shop

Texan Cafe and Pie Shop
Texan Cafe and Pie Shop
Website:Texan Cafe and Pie Shop
Phone:+1 512-846-2885
Address:207 East St, Hutto, TX 78634, United States.
Best Pies:Brandy cherry pie a la mode.

This traditional small-town restaurant has been following traditional recipes handed down through the generations since 1996. Texan Cafe and Pie Shop is situated at Hutto, Texas. 

The foods are good overall, with luncheon and supper dishes like chicken dumplings and wontons and brined turkey, but their desserts are the true pleasure. The pie list is vast in this cafe. This includes typical options like fudge brownie pie and fluffy Choco butter pie, as well as more unusual options like cinnamon pork chop pie and strawberry daiquiri pie. 

Homemade onion rings, fried mushrooms, chips and queso, sausage, daily lunch specials, grilled pork chop, grilled chicken breast, kids special, and the customary pies are on the menu. Apple pie, banana cream pie, banana pudding, blackberry cobbler, blueberry pie, chocolate coated cherry pie, fudge pie, meringue pie, silk and toffee pie, peppermint petty pie, snickers pie, and hundreds of more kinds are available in their pie section. 

The cafe’s special french pie dish is a hot cast dish of brandy cherry pie à la mode. Also, you can try ordering other specialty pies like princess pie, pie house, and apple-pecan pie, which are made based on the mood of the chef. So, this is one of those cafes that will serve you the best pie in all of Texas. 

Rogers Round Top Cafe

Rogers Round Top Cafe
Rogers Round Top Cafe
Website:Rogers Round Top Cafe
Phone:105 Main St, Round Top, TX 78954, United States.
Address:105 Main St, Round Top, TX 78954, United States.
Best Pies:Brandy cherry pie à la mode.

Having pie from Royers Round Top Café is something you shouldn’t miss. Althought Round Top is a town of only 77 inhabitants, it is around an hour’s drive from Austin and Houston. 

This café makes you feel as though you’ve been invited into their personal dining room in their house. You’ll immediately get why some people drive from all over the US to eat at this little cafe rather than other towns’ huge restaurants.

If you are unable to see them, you need to be aware that they have a catering service that they can bring to your birthday ceremonies, weddings, family gatherings, and other events. They also ship their renowned pies directly to your house in the United States and Canada. They are always welcoming, whether you contact them online or in person. 

Their pies are equally well-known, particularly Bud’s Chocolate Mousse and Texas Trash Pie. Both of these pies are created with cocoa powder, peanuts, chocolate, toffee, and mellow crackers. You can try  Royers Pie Haven, which was established in 2011 by the couple’s daughter Tara Royer. 

If the cafe queue is too lengthy, you can go and have a pie at their daughter’s cafe too, where you can get almost the same pies because of their same family recipes. 

The Bird Bakery Cafe

The Bird Bakery Cafe
The Bird Bakery Cafe
Website:The Bird Bakery Cafe
Phone:+1 210-804-2473
Address:5912 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78209.
Best PiesBird Pecan Pie and Breakfast Casserole.

Texas is renowned for its smoky BBQ, which is nicely complemented by a slice of Texas’ greatest pie. Bird Bakery Cafe is situated in the city of San Antonio, Texas. One of the finest excellent alternatives of an average pie in Texas is Bird Bakery’s pecan pie. This pie features entire pecans attractively wrapped in a sugar frosting above a creamy and melting custard lying on a thin and delightfully crunchy crust. If you want the pecans nuttier rather than sugary, this dessert is for you. 

Since this is a full-service cafe rather than a pie store, the pie selection is restricted (5 to 8 offerings at a single order). But do not let that distract you in this cafe. 

Each and every pie from this cafe is well worth the trip. As the obvious preference is pecan, this may cost a bit high. 

Their menu included cupcakes, pies, bars, cookies, and bird food. Also, in the breakfast item, they have Spinach Parmesan Quiche, Breakfast Casserole, Pimento Cheese Popover, and Nutella Bread. Besides their special pie collections, they got soup, protein plates, sandwiches, bars of brownies, cupcakes, and custom cakes according to orders. 

To bring the price worth it, try the blueberry pie for sure. This special pie has a crust drenched in honey and lime slices and a delicate layer of condensed milk. According to many customers, the crust of this specific pie is wonderful. 

Moreover, you can hire Bird Bakery cafe for catering too. Starting from wedding and engagement events to private parties, they can handle the catering everywhere.  

Cafe Emporium Pies

Cafe Emporium Pies
Cafe Emporium Pies
Website:Cafe Emporium Pies
Phone:+1 469-206-6126
Address:314 N Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX 75208-4655
Best Pies:Smooth Pie Operator,

If you are searching for a conventional piece of pie, go somewhere else. Emporium Pies is a unique local pie business that easily makes my list of the finest pie in Texas. Every pie recipe here brings a different twist to classic cuisines. And the alternatives always seem to be as fascinating as they’re tasty. 

Their mantra for this pie business is ‘Fine Pies for Fine Folks.’ You can guess how passionate they are regarding their renowned pies.  

Emporium Pies makes delicious self-branded pies and sells them out of a restored 1930s Victorian home in Dallas’ Bishop Arts City. Emporium Pies provides a fun, unique spin on classic tastes with titles like The Drunken Nut and Lord of the Pies. 

Each pie is lovingly handcrafted from scratch using local ingredients and packaged in gorgeous flower packaging. And, because their menu changes with the seasons, you will never be running out of different, fresh, fascinating pies. 

You are likely to discover something here with constantly changing selections that highlight local items. A popular among customers is the Smooth Pie Operator. This pie features a pretzel base with the silkiest, smoothest, and most chocolaty velvet center you can think of.

Bishop Arts, McKinney, and South Ellum are the latest branches of Emporium Pies cafe. 

Emporium Pies ship every single day a week to homes throughout Texas. Shipments are based on availability (particularly when there are defined delivery hours) and are priced depending on the distance.

The House of Pies

The House of Pies
The House of Pies
Website:The House of Pies
Phone:(713) 528-3816
Address:3112 Kirby Dr. Houston, TX 77098
Best Pies:Texas Pecan Pie and Walnut Toffee Pie.

This franchise only has 3 (the fourth branch is yet to open) branches in the Houston, Texas region. This cafe has won the stomachs and hearts of both residents and visitors. House of Pies is open 24/7 a day. 

Their slogan is “Morning, Noon and Night! Always doing it right!”. They will serve the best dishes throughout the whole Houston region. House of Pies takes pleasure in making fresh, handcrafted pies, pastries, and other treats without preservatives. 

This cafe makes every effort to give the greatest cuisine, services, and environment in the Houston region. The indisputable flavor of paradise and the sweet joy you’ll receive with every mouthful of sweetness in their pies and cakes are their wow factors. Every bite will be a taste of happiness, from the crunchy walnuts in their pecan pie to the rich raspberry topping in the strawberry tiramisu.

House of Pies has grown from humble beginnings in Houston to becoming a reputable company in the morning and midnight eating scene. They will offer a diverse selection of pies such as Signature Pies, Cheese Pies, Cheesecakes, Macarons Pies, Bran Muffins, Seasonal-fruit Pies, and other tasty treats.

This cafe provides morning snacks, lunch items, and supper too, but its specialty is the pie. The title of the cafe says it all. The menu features special pecan pies, custard pies, and cheesecake pies, which are available entirely or as a piece. Key lemon, Texan walnut toffee, and blueberry creamy pies are top contenders here. 

But the classics of this cafe, like butternut squash, heavy cream, French silk pie, and exotic raspberry pie, still exceed expectations.

The Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

The Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop
The Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop
Website:The Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop
Phone:(817) 617-2046
Address:1707 North Collins St, Suite 115, Arlington, TX.
Best Pies:Holiday Nanny’s Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Cherry Pie.

It goes without saying that this restaurant deserves mention on my list because it offers some of the greatest pie in Austin and has many branches. The clerk listed off choice after choice when I questioned which was the most favorite pie in their cafe. 

I realized right away that this restaurant was a hit. The mango pie here in this cafe is velvety, rich, and creamy caramel, with a topping of puffy, gently browned marshmallows as a topping. It’s deliciously creamy and lemony. 

Buttermilk Sky Pie’s menu includes various tasty dishes, including southern custard, granny’s apple, key lime, chewy chocolate chip, and nanny’s pecan. Also, many seasonal favorites such as the holiday nanny’s pecan pie, candy cane thumbprint cookies, and other sweet treats. Their pies are divided into 4 categories: 9-inch pie, 4-inch pie, 2-inch pie, and pie stack. 

The pumpkin pie is similarly delicious, with a crispy castle top, melting caramelized fruits within, and plenty of sugar and cinnamon scattered on top. It is the ideal combination of cherry texture and pecan pie.

Judy pie Cafe

Judy pie Cafe
Judy pie Cafe
Website:Judy pie Cafe
Phone:(817) 400-7437
Address:520 S Main St #200, Grapevine, TX 76051, USA.
Best Pies:Honeybee Pie, Flaky Pie Crust.

JudyPiecafe is a small pie business with a variety of tastes ranging from typical apple and vanilla silk pie. The menu also features more unusual varieties like a creamy parfait and apple pie melted over with raspberry juice. One of the famous pies of this cafe is the HoneyBee pie. It is a pie made of white vinegar and whiskey all over the crust and mango cream. 

JudyPie debuted in September 2016 and immediately established itself as one of the greatest pie businesses in the beautiful state of Texas. Judy believes she acquired that reputation through her dedication by selecting only the best and finest ingredients. Of course, her legendary flaky pie crust had a role as well. 

There are flavors for everyone here, and there is a lot of room to explore those. If I had to select a pie, it would be JudyPie’s delectable blueberry honey pie. Also, their menu includes 16+ favors, 4 hand pies, and and cookie flavors. 

If you are new to this cafe, try out the cafe’s most renowned pie, the Pecan Pie. Judy claims it tastes like it was prepared by her mother’s hands.

This small slice of perfection is delightfully sugary with just the right amount of sour to make the mouth wet. This honey pie is made with a thin, fluffy, and perfectly brown crust topped with honey. It will be absolutely fantastic to try. For a wonderful evening, grab a piece of the finest pie in Texas and then take a walk down Grapevine’s lovely high street to try out some pies from the other day. 


What is Texas’ best-renowned pie? 

The most popular pie in Texas is pecan pie. It’s hardly surprising that Texans like pecan pie. Marshal Farney nominated this pecan pie as the official state dessert of Texas in 2012. It is also the official walnut of Texas, and also, as we know, the pecan tree is the state’s official tree. 

Which pie was Elvis’ favorite?

Chef Paulo Haney reveals the Fat Presley Pie recipe in Duff’s cookbook. Elvis Presley’s deep love for peanut butter and toasted bagels motivated her to make this pie. The pie has vanilla cookie crust, peanut butter cream, and fruit segments in a cracker crust with dry pistachios and walnuts.

Which pie works as the best diet?

It would definitely be pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pie has less calorie and fat intake but more calcium and protein. But if the diet question comes to carbohydrates, glucose (both natural and artificial), and salt, pecan pie ranks the highest.


People have strong views about which pies are better. Don’t get too confused to select which pie would be the best to try. 

Save your precious time by buying the pies rather than preparing them at home. Fortunately, all 10 of these Texas-based cafes will ship to your home. 

So there’s no reason to bother about trying to pick up a pecan, pumpkin, banana, apple, cocoa, or butternut squash sweets. If it is still much of a load, go and have a piece of pie from the list provided.

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