15 Best Business to Start in Texas: Know Before You Start

Many smaller business concepts in Texas can provide successful possibilities. The region now has 2.5 million small companies that hire 4.5 million people. 

Texas is an excellent spot to do business because of its thriving economy. If you want to start a new business in Texas, here are 15 business ideas for you to start. 

General Pre-Requirements to Start a Business in Texas

Step 1:Create a business model.
Step 2:Select an office space.
Step 3:Fund your company.
Step 4:Establish a management structure and register it.
Step 5:Follow all the tax obligations.
Step 6:Get all required business registrations and licenses.

15 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Texas This Year

Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Investment

First, I’ll mention real estate investment, as this business can help you gain more profit than any other business model in a short time. Due to its higher profit frequency, it also has a higher loss rate. So, invest first by examining the sectors in which you are interested.  

To enter the Texas real estate business, you must obtain a license. The real estate test is open to anybody above the age of 20 who has completed 220 hours of appropriate study.

If possible, try to find a sponsored brokerage firm. When you complete the examinations and start practicing, you’ll benefit much from on-the-job experiences. 

At least a 10% down payment is required, while some investors utilize shortcut techniques to lower the amount of cash required. Because insurance policy does not cover rental homes, you will often need to put down a minimum of 15% to receive standard credit from a bank. 

Throughout this period, examine the rates of other vendors in the business to stay within the buying range. Multi-family leases might be challenging to manage initially. Basic dwellings score highest in terms of cost and convenience of maintenance services. Here are some of the best places to invest. 

Cash-out loans are possible in Texas for both main residence and real estate. There are certain distinctions between both sorts of loans. Cash-out loans on investment properties are often more costly and have tougher qualification restrictions. 

Investment in single-family residences is the most suitable way for newcomers to join the field of real estate business. 

Texas real estate Investing workshop: 

Coffee House

Coffee House
Coffee House

Americans consumed an average of two coffee cups each day in 2022. Visitors love chatting or interacting with new individuals at coffee houses, which are also becoming interactive social gatherings. If you enjoy making coffee and creating your unique beverages, this may be a rewarding career to explore. 

You have 3 choices: get a sponsor, purchase an established company, or begin fresh. Your choice will vary on your business concept and the complexity of each.

A specific food retailing business license and business registration are required in Texas when opening a new coffee house. Provisional retailing food permits or highway vending permits are necessary for sellers that run portable coffee stalls or carts. 

A typical coffee house with seats costs around $85,000 and $250,000 to start. The price of setting up a coffee truck or booth is on the cheaper end, from about $60,000 for the bare minimum. But integrating seats and drive-through coffee is more expensive and can approach the $250,000+ level. 

Coffee seeds cultivated in certain places across the globe are classified according to their origin and varieties. To make coffee, roasted beans are crushed and then fermented with boiling water. Joining coffee roasting lessons would be beneficial since if you wish to roast the coffee, you must first learn how to do so.

Coffee has higher profit margins than other foods, and coffee houses frequently have less maintenance than other company systems. Small coffee house operators earn between $55,000 and $220,000 per year. In addition, the coffee business generates over $85 billion in revenue annually.

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop
Souvenir Shop

Giving presents is something that never goes out of style. Across the year, folks will have times when presents are essential. As a result, a gift or souvenir shop might be an excellent business concept. 

Ensure your business offerings reflect the interests of the customers in the neighborhood. A wide range of products combined with innovative advertising may push you to success.

Texas already offers a variety of tourist souvenir shops. However, it can’t be argued that there is constantly an opportunity for a new contender to enter the market. You could emerge as the next best by providing unique gift products.

The margin on souvenir shop products will often be relatively high. But the number of sales completed yearly is fewer than that of the average retail business.

Earning the most of every sale while not pushing oneself out of business is vital to any company. The Indian souvenir market in Texas is roughly Rs 200,500 crore or over $24 million, as per the research.

You may either purchase or sell items on the internet. Much research indicates that the gifting sector has been expanding recently. This might be profitable if you’re considering beginning an internet-based business. 

The target market of souvenir shop: 

  • Visitors on holiday who desire a visual memento of their journey
  • Those looking to purchase gifts for relatives back home
  • Folks who desire to carry a bit of the native culture back with them
  • Individuals on a trip abroad who wish to provide a present for their coworkers
  • Local residents carrying on a custom
  • Those who desire to help their local companies
  • People who cherish handcrafted things



None of us can dispute the effectiveness of this business. Making it a solid business concept to start anywhere in the world, not only in Texas. You only need the correct investment, technical skills, advertising skills, and time.

Many individuals find washing difficult and gladly pay someone else to do it for them. Running a laundry business doesn’t involve much cash because it is mainly about talent and washing supplies. This will land you positions around families or tiny communities.

Usually, laundry generates between $250 and $1,250 each day. Off days are among the most efficient since most individuals wash their clothes on Sundays. With extra sources of income such as a washing machine, you may enhance your monthly income by up to $350. 

Suppose you wish to increase the number of customers. In that case, you may buy laundry materials and hire staff or collaborators to assist you.

Babysitting, Senior Care, and Childcare

Babysitting, Senior Care, and Childcare
Babysitting, Senior Care, and Childcare

Texas is a state with several opportunities for development and achievement. With a quick lifestyle, there’s a huge demand for basic care facilities for children and aged individuals. 

Among the finest investment plans with a low initial investment, one can start by gaining a certification, knowing childcare costs, and enrolling with care agencies.

The hourly wage average for a female nanny is $25.00, while for male nannies, it is $15.50. However, rates of pay vary greatly based on where you work and live, including the living costs in the area. 

It also varies the minimum wage rules in the area. In the United States, the hourly wage average for maids for infants is $25.00. 

Texas allows you to enroll or register your daycare facility if you provide for more than 4 kids at a time. If you offer daily childcare services for between 1 to 3 kids, you may be required to register the house with the government. 

The childcare center needs to begin operations in a safe, sound, and secure environment. 

Business of Freelancing Work

Business of Freelancing Work
Business of Freelancing Work

Numerous people have chosen freelancing employment due to many firms shutting down during the epidemic. In 2021, 55 million employees in the US will be undertaking freelancing work, a considerable rise from 40 million in 2015.

You might begin by identifying a specialization and creating a writing résumé that you can submit to potential clients. Whether you are new to the business, look for jobs on freelancing websites.

You may develop a name on your own and gain customers by doing tasks properly, advertising, and networking. 

Top highest-paying freelancing jobs in the USA. 

  1. Web developer
  2. Web designer
  3. Graphical designer
  4. Instructor in online classes
  5. Virtual helper
  6. Freelance copywriter
  7. Columnist
  8. Financial Advisor
  9. Expert in social networks

Travel Guide

Travel Guide
Travel Guide

This is a practical business concept in Texas that helps people interact with new individuals while generating more significant returns.

As a state that embraces visitors from all over the world, there is a requirement for a tourist guide. The main task is taking new visitors to the best monuments, heritage sites, galleries, and beautiful landscapes.

Before starting a business, it is critical to identify important areas of the city.  There is also the requirement to get a registration paper and license. Proficiency in speaking many languages will be advantageous too to start this business.

Beauty and Personal Grooming

Beauty and Personal Grooming
Beauty and Personal Grooming

The first idea that springs to mind while searching for the leading business concepts in Texas with little capital is starting a beauty and personal grooming business. You need to learn basic abilities to start personal grooming, or hiring experienced staff is also a good step.

One might extend a successful firm to include a therapy center or a hair styling lounge to get a market advantage. Also, adding personal care, a salon, and several other amenities would increase the higher rate of new customers.

The first consideration is to acquire the skills needed and qualifications. Then, create a resume to show your potential consumers. 

Entering freelance sites and other networks may be a wonderful place to start your business. Increase your exposure by using connections or creating customer service for social media sharing.  

Suppose you foresee many clients or wish to market the business. In that case, you will almost certainly require approval from the local authority. You may also be required to pay municipal and local taxes for an at-home hair salon.

A salon can be run without a permit. However, you will be unable to wash or trim anybody’s hair. You will be able to handle your team of stylists and nail manicures. However, if you want to open a full-service salon with every feature available, you must first obtain a license.

Interiors Painting and Decorating

Interiors Painting and Decorating
Interiors Painting and Decorating

Texas is a city that has both ancient and new structures standing side by side. It’s one of the factors for the reasonably high demands for interior designers and decorators.

It’s a great business idea with a large potential for a return on investment.

Things to consider before launching a company in the same field include obtaining the required certificates and the license. Then, to attract new clients, create a website to provide the bundles and activities. Make a portfolio and showcase unique internet marketing ideas. Using freelance sites or new platforms, seek comments and recommendations for promotion. 

In Texas, the estimated yearly income for painters is $35,500. Painter wages in Texas may range from $15,000 to $75,000, depending on a variety of criteria such as abilities, expertise, company and bonus. 

A year of practical knowledge and practical skills are required to become a painter. That is the time needed to acquire certain painting techniques. But it doesn’t include hours spent in formal instruction. In order to be an effective painter, you must first acquire specific talents.  

How to make a living as a painter:

  1. Develop the Skills. First crucial step toward becoming a fine interior painter is to practice the craft.
  2. Check the Work.
  3. Find out in which painting sector you are best at.
  4. Create a collection of works. 
  5. Search for interior work to start painting. 
  6. Make a simple site.
  7. Create an interior art collection.
  8. Create a résumé.

Delivery Service

Delivery Service
Delivery Service

It’s among the fastest rapidly increasing local business concepts in Texas. Also, Delivery service is needed in a variety of fields. As the necessity for home-based business grows, so does the necessity for delivery services.

The need for document delivery or food in the town is rather significant. A car and web marketing are everything you need to launch a delivery or courier service business.

The demand for nearby riders is growing as remote work has become a reality. The “major” courier companies are overburdened, and their response rates are becoming increasingly unreliable. So, it might be a good time to launch a new delivery service business.

Fundraising Business

Fundraising Business
Fundraising Business

This type of business centers around businesses and people gathering funds for specific purposes. Experienced fundraisers work with charities, non-profit organizations, clubs, and schools to support any funding body.

There currently needs to be more businesses in Texas that promote such causes. So, the referral incomes are huge as donations are many.

Charity events earn an average annual income of $150,000, with the possibility of royalties dependent on the amount of money raised for their charity. Campaign coordinators make an annual salary of $60,000 on average. 

Most nonprofits or charitable groups in Texas are not legally obligated to be registered with the state. Suppose you want to host any event in an open area. In that case, you should obtain approval from the local authorities or the landowner. 

These are the most profitable fundraisers mentioned below: 

  1. Barbecue charity or outdoor fundraising
  2. Outdoor film festival
  3. Fundraising night
  4. Food donation campaign
  5. Sales of baked goods events
  6. Lottery tickets fundraising event
  7. Charity for the school
  8. Auction

Sales and marketing management business

Sales and marketing management business
Sales and marketing management business

This is a program that provides training to salespeople and managers. This coaching business will give individuals the greatest information, techniques, and abilities for examining the accountability system. Because Texas has high production, handling sales is a significant task, and this business can grow rapidly.

A Texas sales or marketing use tax license is required. It is always required, regardless of whether you’re a person, partnership, company, or other formal organization doing business in Texas.

Fixing Electronic Devices

Fixing Electronic Devices
Fixing Electronic Devices

The devices and technologies we buy will likely fail at some time. Maintenance at the product’s authorized service facilities may be costly. As a result, people are constantly seeking low-cost fixes.

Recruit skilled and experienced technicians since they will be vital to your business’s success. Consider expanding the service offerings as well. Being a one-stop store for all electronics maintenance is always advantageous.

Food on wheels

Food on wheels
Food on wheels

Food carts are more convenient and simpler to operate than traditional restaurants. This makes it ideal for novice company owners.

Following completing the business concepts, you must apply to the state health dept. for a food handler’s permit, a food management identification certificate, and a selling permission. 

Recycling Business

Recycling Business
Recycling Business

Recycling products have a growing market in Texas. You may construct a small recycling center to process trash materials such as plastics, tin cans, papers, glasses, and many others. 

You may sell valuable resources to companies and other purchasers after processing them. This isn’t only a successful company, but it’s also a meaningful one because you are helping to keep the environment clean.

Visit the Texas Department of State’s site to get a Certification of Circulation. The rate of selecting and manufacturing recyclable items has now multiplied due to the introduction of new high-tech machinery. This increased now as profit margins vary from 35% to 65% based on the kind of recyclable waste. 

Most of us are aware of the possible effects of not reusing discarded items. But we should be aware that recycling may be valuable. In the recycling sector, everybody can make big money. Everything you need to know is the recycling method for the items you wish to recycle.

If you have a lot of bottles and cans or cables, radiators, or glass panels, you can recycle those per pound and put money in your pockets.

You would need around 10,000 cans to generate $70,000 at the cost of 7 cents per pound.

How to Begin a Recycling Service in 5 Easy Steps: 

  1. Study the business.
  2. Calculate the associated expenses.
  3. Get a license for the company.
  4. Locate an infrastructure.
  5. Get some machines. 


What industry is thriving in Texas right now?

Over the last three years, the GDP has been fueled by information technologies (IT), infrastructure, professional care, cafeterias, and medical. According to the Office of Statistics, a lot of these businesses will keep growing at an accelerating rate in the post-pandemic world.

Is pool cleaning a profitable business in Texas?

Pool cleaning specialists are in high demand in Texas. Although, you need to gain prior expertise in the sector to be profitable.

How to start a construction firm in Texas?

If you have any building expertise, Texas is a beautiful area to start a small-scale building company. Meanwhile, you will require considerable capital to get started.


Success is achievable with dedication and continuous effort, regardless of the company and business idea. Be sure to take measured risks and seek assistance, particularly in subjects you lack knowledge of.

The state of Texas is among the top destinations to establish and maintain a business. This list of the top business possibilities and guidelines will assist in starting a business in Texas.

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