3 Things to Do with Old License Plates in Texas

What to Do with Old License Plates in Texas

The best thing to do with old license plates in Texas is to return them to the DMV. It is possible either by going to the DMV in person or mailing the plate to their office. You can schedule an appointment with the DMV.

Handling License Plates in Texas

Getting the Classic License Plate

The classic license plate was presented back in 2012. You can get this license plate by ordering online, in the mail, or in person. Going to your county’s tax assessor-collector’s office and applying in person is the fastest way to obtain one. Just bring everything that is necessary.

Getting a Replacement License Plate

It is really easy to get a replacement license plate in the state. You can request one in your local tax assessor collector’s office in person. The transferring of the new license plate will be free, but you need to pay a total of $6.50 during the request.

After Selling Your Vehicle

You can keep your license plates even after selling your vehicle in Texas. For that, you need to fulfill all the requirements and standards of the DMV. Make sure to fill out all the necessary paperwork and transfer them in person to the DMV. It is also possible to discard your license plate in this way.

What to Do with Your Old License Plates in the Other States


You do not need to return your old license plate to any office in California. You can lawfully keep them or even destroy them. It is a good thing as when you register in any other state, you can submit your Ca license plate should they ask for it.

New York

You won’t even have an old license plate in New York. If your insurance coverage is almost over or you are reregistering in a new state, you must surrender your old one first. You can do it in person at the DMV.


This state gives you so much freedom with old license plates. You can keep your old license plates in Arizona, return them to the MVD, destroy them, or give them away to anyone. Even the MVD will advise you to retain the plate, regardless of whether you have sold the vehicle or it is inactive.


The fact that Colorado literally requests you to retain your old license plate as a souvenir from there is wondrous. You can also give it away to any tourist, relative, or friend to bring it back to their home. You can return it, but there’s no need to do so.


It is possible to keep your old license plates in Florida. But if you want to surrender them, you can mail them to any local tax collector’s office. Alternatively, you can also send them to any license plate agency to request a cancellation or recycling.

Final Note

There are multiple choices you can go for with your old license plates in Texas. If it is your personalized license plate, you can transfer it to any new vehicle.

If it is a classic plate, either keep them or surrender them to the DMV. In every option, you need to contact DMV and comply with them.

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