4 Most Conservative Cities in Texas

If you’re planning on moving to the Lone Star State, having neighbors with whom you can agree politically is a necessity! Want to know which cities may be the best for you if you vote republican and are a conservative American? We did the research for you. Here are the best republican cities in Texas:

4 Most Conservative Cities in Texas

1. Amarillo

Amarillo is one of the smaller cities with nearly 200,000 people and somewhat of a cooler climate. It is situated and the North Texas and is a part of Potter County. Potter County is very conservative as 68.5% of the population is in favor of the Republican Party.  

2. White Oak

With only 6,283 people, White Oak is a small northeastern city in Texas. Even though the city has the well-known Texas summer heat and fewer recreational places, the low cost of living and rich history attract people to the city! Just like Potter County, Gregg County has a significant number of Republican voters. 67.7% of the people in Gregg County, which includes White Oak, vote republican.

3. Lubbock

Lubbock is situated on the Southern side of Panhandle Texas. It has significant college influence, a lower cost of living, and comparatively better healthcare. Lubbock County is highly conservative with 65.3% of the people voting Republican. Since 2000, the County has been voting Republican and the city of Lubbock remains right-leaning.

4. Ransom Canyon

Ransom Canyon, just like Lubbock, is a part of Lubbock County. Therefore, it is very conservative as 65.3% of the County votes Republican. It is one of the smaller cities with only 1,126 people.

Things to Know About Texas

Is Texas a Conservative State?

As of 2021, Texas is a conservative state with the majority of the population voting republican. Even though larger cities of Texas seem to be liberal, most of the smaller Counties and province areas are almost entirely conservative.

Is Houston conservative?

Houston is moderately liberal as 42.7% of the population votes Republican and 55.9% democrat. There are specific areas in the city that have a high number of conservative populations. Some of the most conservative communities of Houston are Kingwood, Friendswood, Katy, Spring, etc.

Final Note

Note that small province areas of Texas will be more conservative than bigger cities. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of larger city areas while having republican neighbors, the states mentioned above will be the best!

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