About TexasAZ

The second-biggest state in the US has a lot of unknown facts that even residents are unfamiliar with. Our job is to collect that information and present it to you in an orderly manner. This site includes everything you can possibly want to know about Texas. We include details about Texas cities, weather, politics, history, dining, business, travel, mapping, recreation, and many more!

These facts and details can help residents and visitors of Texas to navigate and understand more about the state. The Lone Star State has become one of the fastest-growing states in the union that has many great aspects about it still undiscovered.

What We Cover

History of Texas

From the Republic of Texas, joining the Union, and seceding from the Confederacy, Texas has a long history. We try to cover the interesting points of history that can be helpful!


Texas’ history, food, culture, music, sports, etc., are some of the great reasons for visiting! If you wish to visit Texas, our site can help you with valuable information.


Even though some would summarize Texas weather as humid summer and mild winter, there is more to that. Recent changes in weather and climate have brought variation in the weather. To keep you up to date with the information, we provide insights on the weather as well!

Politics and Government

Even though most would consider Texas to be a red state, there are political diversities existing in the state. We bring the latest and past information on both Texas county laws and politics.

Countless Other Details

There is a lot to talk about in this beautiful state! We include details on every city, food places, maps, recreations, and everything you can think of about Texas!


We gather our information on Texas from reliable sources. We try our best to keep the information up to date. Make sure to fact-check and do proper research to consider any information given here as a fact! We cannot provide the authenticity of every detail about Texas present on this website.