Are Hedgehogs Legal in Texas?

Are Hedgehogs Legal in Texas

Hedgehogs are totally legal in Texas without any restriction or requirement for any permit. It is a common misconception that hedgehogs are not allowed to keep as a pet in Texas due to being exotic animals. But that is not true.

What Texas Law Says About Other Animals


It is legal to own a sloth in Texas. They don’t require any permit either. Well, maintaining one of them is an arduous matter. Even though Texas has loads of sloths, they are not popular as pets. These creatures are too sensitive to even a little dirt and messes and stay inactive most of the time.


It is possible to own a coyote in Texas with a proper license. Know that coyotes are written as dangerous animals in Texas. The best way to domesticate one of them is to raise from its cubhood. You should also keep in mind that they are nowhere as friendly as domestic dogs.


Capybaras are not only can be your great companion, but they are also totally legal in Texas. It is best to have any water bodies around to let them swim around. They love eating aquatic plants and can be domesticated pretty well.

Fennec Fox

It is actually allowed to own a fennec fox with a health certificate or permit in Texas. Although, we will remind you that owning a fox comes with many hassles. We suggest researching what to face properly before going for these furry animals.

What the Laws from the Other States Say About Hedgehogs


It is illegal to keep a hedgehog as a pet in your home in CA. You cannot own any species of hedgehogs in the state. For your information, there are 17 species of this creature here. They being wildlife is a reason for their illegality. There are also the chances of them carrying bacteria.


Hedgehogs are illegal to own in the state of Pennsylvania. They are not native to there. The laws there specially mention that one cannot bring any indigenous animal in the state. Hedgehogs are also considered non-domesticated creatures.


The Game and Fish Association from Arizona declared hedgehogs as a legal animal to keep as of December 2015. You can have one without any issue or regulation. It is still a matter of consideration whether someone can actually maintain a hedgehog or not. In fact, hedgehogs require more care than many other domestic animals.

Do Hedgehogs smell?

Hedgehogs do not smell and can stay quiet in their cages. Although, just like any other animal, you need to keep their house clean to avoid any unwanted smell. They are also not that messy and can be a great companion for people who loves solitude atmospheres.

Final Note

With that, we wrapped up the article. Fortunately, you can own many exotic creature species in Texas. Some of them do not even need any license to keep. Just remember to check whether you have a proper vet for exotic animals and can maintain them before getting one.

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