Are There Alligators in Austin, Texas?

are there alligators in austin texas

Yes, there are alligators in Austin. Many other cities in Texas also contain alligators, including San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. The gulf coastal plains have the highest number of alligators in Texas. Most of them are in the eastern part of the state.

Details Regarding Alligators in Austin, Texas

The Parts of Austin, Texas with Alligators

It is not that you will find alligators at literally any lake in Austin, Texas. They are actually quite rare to find. In 2020, an alligator has been spotted on the peace point west of Longhorn Dam.

The Law Regarding Alligator Hunting in Austin, Texas

In any part of Texas, it is allowed to hunt alligators if one has a resident or non-resident hunting license. However, there are some rules. For instance, you cannot use rimfire while hunting gators.

Alligator Attacks

There has been an alligator attack in Del Valle, Texas. According to the Austin Fire Department, three alligators killed a dog in a neighborhood on December 2, 2021. According to the information from AFD, the area of the attack used to be an alligator sanctuary.

Are There Alligators in Lake Travis Austin?

You can spot alligators in Austin. Back in 2011, a dead alligator was found at the shore of Lake Travis in Austin. Keep in mind that it is still not native to the area. It was reported to be anywhere from 3 to 6 feet long.

What Areas of Texas Have Alligators?

There are around 120 counties in Texas that have alligators. They live from the Sabine River to the Gulf of Mexico. The coastal marshes that spread towards the Rio Grande also contain alligators. It goes till Interstate 35 westward.

Which Texas Lakes Have Alligators?

Aside from the Sabine River areas, there are many lakes in Texas where alligators have been spotted. Some of them are the Trinity Riber, Lake Worth, Eagle Mountain Lake, and Lake Lewisville. There is one popular photo of a 9-10 feet alligator sighted in Lake Worth.

Is Lake Austin Safe to Swim in?

Yes, the lake is safe without much pollution or dangerous wildlife. However, there are many rules and regulations that one must maintain while someone is in the area. For example, you cannot swim below 50 feet of the lake.

Are There Cottonmouths in Austin?

Yes, cottonmouth snakes are pretty common in Austin, Texas. Greenbelt is one of the places where they can be found a lot. Also known as Water Moccasins, these creatures are aggressive and venomous. However, they do not bite that much.

Final Note

While the places mentioned above have alligators, they are still pretty rare to find. Unsurprisingly, their number has been decreasing from every lake, due to pollution and other reasons. So, given the time you are reading this, some of these lakes may have lost their alligators totally.

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