Are There Alligators in Texas? What You Need to Know

are there gators in texas

Yes, there are Alligators in the eastern part of Texas that include many freshwater bodies within San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Among the 254 counties in the state, 120 of them contain some number of alligators. But Gulf Coastal Plains is where most of them reside.

Some Places in Texas with Alligators

Brazos Bend

Brazos Band State Park is situated only 45 miles south of Houston. It contains many water bodies, marshes, and other natural beauties. Among other wild animals, Brazos Band also has alligators. Although, they are not that high in numbers. Estimated to people, there are about 250 alligators in this place.


Most water bodies in Houston are somewhat muddy or such. However, even though, Houston inhabits many alligators. There is a high number of gator sightings in this area recorded by people. Even recently, people have spotted alligators along the Buffalo Bayou.

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is another water body in Texas that many alligators call their home. Even after that, the lake is an excellent spot for fishing, picnic, and boating. There are many alligator safety tips that one must maintain in the area. The lake also contains over 70 fish species.

Port Aransas

There are gators in Port Aransas and the large ones at that. One of them is known as Boots by the people, a 14-foot alligator. It resides in Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center for 15 years. Other than that, a 10-foot alligator was captured in the area a couple of years ago.

Other Wildlife Found in Texas

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles are found in the coastal areas of Texas. They nest somewhere between April and August. The name of this species is Kemp’s Ridley. It is possible to have a spectacular view of sea turtle hatchlings in the summer season. They usually take 20 to 45 minutes to reach the water from the beach.


Bobcats are a thriving species found all across the state of Texas. They are creatures with insane adaptability to climate change and have excellent physical abilities. South Texas Brush County is where they thrive the most. It is saddening that many other wild species of cats are finding it difficult to live in the state.


Pronghorn is a wondrous and unique animal that can be found in Texas. Unfortunately, their numbers are slowly decreasing throughout the USA. They are likely to be viewable now in the desert parts of Trans-Pecos and Panhandle high plains. It is actually possible to harvest Pronghorn in Texas with a permit.

Final Note

Texas is a place where many wildlife species and exotic animals are abundant. If you want to spot alligators in the state, there are many places you can go. Meanwhile, other animals like wild cats, birds, snakes, and deer make up a different eco-system here.

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