Are There Tornadoes in Texas? – Tornado Hot Spots in Texas

Texas ranks itself in 11th place amongst all the US states in terms of tornado density. Moreover, the average annual tornado number in Texas is 132, which is the highest in the US! Being a large southern state, such a high number is expected.

Most tornadoes in Texas happen from April to June or late spring to early summer. Therefore, if you are living in Texas or planning to move in, there are possibilities of experiencing tornadoes. However, staying away from Tornado hot spots in Texas may be the best idea!

Tornado Hot Spots in Texas

The following cities in Texas experienced the most tornados according to the records of 50 years:

1. Houston

Houston texas

With over two million people, the southeast Texas city Houston is a part of Harris County. The County experienced the most Tornadoes last 50 years. The Gulf Coast around Houston had experienced 212 tornadoes according to the records.

2. Plainview

 Plainview in texas

Hale County, Panhandle is in the second place that experiences the most Tornadoes in Texas after Harris County. Plainview is the major city of the County. Hale experienced 116 tornadoes in the span of 50 years.

3. Galveston

Galveston texas

Galveston is a large city complex with over 50,000 people and is situated 50 miles away from the Gulf Coast. The Galveston Country got hit by 106 tornadoes in 50 years and sits on the third spot.

Other than these three cities and Counties, Jefferson, Nueces, Dallas Counties also experience high numbers of tornadoes and can be counted as Texas tornado hot spots.

History of the Worst Texas Tornadoes

These are the three of the worst tornadoes that happened in Texas since 1900:

1. The Waco Tornado – 1953

The deadliest tornado that hit Texas on May 11th, 1953 killed over 114 people, destroyed 600 homes, and caused devastating damage. More than 597 were injured and over 2000 vehicles were wrecked by the tornado.

2. The Goliad Tornado – 1902

Even though the Goliad tornado killed the same amount of people as the Waco tornado (114), but still it is placed in the second spot due to the lower number of injuries. Over 250 people were injured when the tornado hit on the 18th of May.

3. The Rocksprings Tornado – 1927

The F5 Rocksprings Tornado happened on April 12, 1927, in Edwards County. 205 people were injured while people mourned the death of 74 people. Most of the buildings in the city faced damage.

Final Note

Northern parts of Texas seem to be the safest against tornadoes. Places around the Gulf Coast face more cyclones and tornadoes. It is best to have your safety measures ready to keep yourself and your family safe if you are in a tornado hot spot.

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