10 Best Computer Science Schools in Texas of 2023

Looking for a bright future in the field of computer science? Fortunately, you do not have to leave Texas for that dream! 

There are a handful of globally renowned colleges in Texas that provide excellent courses for CS. Moreover, most of these outstanding schools are under the top 200 global ranking.

In this article, I will briefly describe the 10 Best Computer Science Colleges and Universities in Texas

Top 10 Computer Science Institutions in Texas

I considered specific factors like global and national rankings, the quality of the campus, and the courses under CS to rank these schools. But, of course, do your own research about them before making a concrete decision.

Rice University

Rice University Photo Credit: Britannica
Address:6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005, USA
Acceptance Rate:9%
Tuition Fees:$54,100

Rice University is in the top 5% of US universities for Computer Science. The school is excellent for both young programmers and pupils who don’t have experience coding. Moreover, the university ranks #7 for best value colleges for bachelor’s in CS. 

Texas RU came into existence in 1912. The century-old school focuses more on undergraduates. Moreover, Rice is known for its research activities in the field of applied science. While there is no fixed SAT value for getting into RU, you should need at least a score of 1450 for the university.

During the fall of 2021, Rice University had over 8,000 pupils. In addition, the 300-acre area of the institution can have a lot of residential students. Lastly, the 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio means many professors are present in the institution.

The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin
Address:Main Building (MAI), 110 Inner Campus Drive, Austin, TX 78705
Acceptance Rate:32%
Tuition Fees:$28,000

While the average acceptance rate at UT Austin is around 32%, it’s even lower for Computer Science majors. It is one of the top five public universities for CS and sits at #9 for the ranking of best CS graduate programs in all US universities.

Constructed in 1883, UT Austin had nearly 40,000 students in its undergraduate programs last year! Similar to Rice University, UT Austin is among the top 5% of all national schools.

You need an average of 1275 on the SATs to get admitted into UT. The shared dorms of the University of Texas can cost around $12,729 per person. Student-to-faculty ratio in this institution is 17:1, which is a downside compared to the average 15:1 ratio.

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University
Address:6425 Boaz Lane, Dallas, TX 75205
Acceptance Rate:32%
Tuition Fees:$61,980

SMU is in the top three spots in Texas for Computer Science and among the top 5% nationwide. The school is also known as the “Harvard of the south.” While you have to spend much more for your courses at SMU, you can expect the best private university experience.

The national ranking of Southern Methodist University is #91. You need an average score of 1375 on SATs to get into this school. For ACT scores, SMU accepts students with an average score of 31.

Established in 1911, SMU is quite a conservative institution, according to surveys. Each class has around 30 students with a student-faculty ratio of 11:1. Therefore, there is more student-to-teacher connection than in most schools.

Texas A & M University-College Station

Texas A & M University-College Station
Address:Administration Building, 400 Bizzell St, College Station, TX 77843
Acceptance Rate:63.3%
Tuition Fees:$13,239 (Local); $40,134 (Domestic)

With a higher acceptance rate, A&M admits students with an average SAT score of 1200. As a result, the institution has the highest number of students in the state. After getting aid, the average tuition cost could be around $19,000.

TAMU is a part of the Texas A&M University System and was built in 1876. A&M is known for being one of the largest universities in the United States, as it has over 59,000 students. Moreover, the institution sits on a large land of 5,500 acres.

A&M’s graduate program for CS is #20 in public universities. With a higher acceptance rate, you have a better chance of getting admitted into TAMU.

The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas
Address:800 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080
Acceptance Rate:79.4%
Tuition Fees:$14,564 (Local); $39,776 (Domestic)

UT Dallas is placed in the top five positions nationally for Software Engineering. The school is not very selective. Therefore, it is easier to get into.

UTD was established in 1961. It sits in the 192nd position in the national ranking, making it one of the top 10% nationally. Another fact about UT at Dallas is that it has more international students than any other Texas school. Therefore, there is a lot of diversity.

With a nearly 80% acceptance rate, the university is not very selective, and anyone can get admitted. However, one of the downsides of the institution is the 25:1 student-faculty ratio.

Trinity University

Trinity University
Address:1 Trinity Pl, San Antonio, TX 78212
Acceptance Rate:34%
Tuition Fees:$47,392

Being a private institution, you can expect to spend much more on this university. It offers good facilities for Computer Science. TU is known for its high ranking among Liberal Arts colleges.

Trinity University was established in 1869. It is a small college with only 2500+ undergraduate students.

The school is very selective with its low acceptance rate. Therefore, pupils need a strong application for a good chance of admission. You need at least 29 points on the ACT or an SAT score of 1300 to get admitted into TU. Moreover, the tuition fees are very expensive. 

Baylor University

Baylor University
Address:1311 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76706
Phone: 1-800-229-5678
Acceptance Rate:68.5%
Tuition Fees:$50,232

Waco’s Baylor University is on the 106th spot for bachelor’s in CS and 76th for master’s. While it is a good school for computer science, it may seem overpriced to some.

BU’s national ranking is #77. It is one of the oldest Christian universities in Texas that’s still functioning. The school was built in 1845.

Baylor is also known as the biggest Baptist university worldwide. BU is somewhat selective, with a 69% acceptance rate. You need a 1200 score on the SAT to get into this school. During the fall of 2021, the school accepted around 20,000 students. 

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University
Address:2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79409
Acceptance Rate:69%
Tuition Fees:$11,852 (Local); $24,122 (Domestic)

TTU is a decent university for Computer Science majors. The tuition is cheaper than in most places, and it offers less competitive admission. Also, Texas Tech is the best university for online courses.

The public university of Texas Tech was founded in 1923. It is an HSI school with at least 25% Hispanic students studying. Therefore, the college is excellent for Hispanic immigrants.

Lastly, TTU is a very conservative school. It has one of the most scenic and beautiful campuses in Texas. Last year, TTU accepted nearly 40,000 new students.

The University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington
Address:701 S Nedderman Dr, Arlington, TX 76019
Acceptance Rate:70-80%
Tuition Fees:$11,727 (Local); $29,299 (Domestic)

UTA is a military-friendly school in the 110th position for CS undergraduate programs. The university promotes diversity and is pretty liberal.

The school was founded in 1895. UTA is now a tier-1 research university that has a significantly lower tuition fee than other good institutions.

 University of Houston

University of Houston
Address:4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004
Acceptance Rate:62%
Tuition Fees:$9,699 (Local); $21,891 (Domestic)

According to USNEWS, UH is the 182nd-best university in the country. Globally, it is one of the top 500 schools. 

UH is nearly a century old, as it was established in 1927. It is also Texas’ third-biggest university.


Who in Texas offers the top Computer Science program?

Rice University offers the best Computer Science program in Texas.

Is Texas a strong state for Computer Science?

There are many good universities in Texas where the department of CS stands out. A&M, RU, TTU, etc., are some of the most renowned ones.

In Texas, how much money do CS majors make?

Entry-level CS majors can make around $42,000 on average annually.

What GPA is required to enroll in Texas Tech?

3.57 is an average GPA for getting into TTU. 


So, will you reach for your Computer Science career in Texas? With a mix of great public and private schools, many opportunities exist. Moreover, if you are from Texas, tuition will cost even less in these universities.

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