Best Place to Live in Texas Hill Country

Texas is generally a perfect area to retire. People live there because of its economic system, low living costs, and lack of a federal income tax. 

You can come to the Hill Country to enjoy more than only the wonderful wineries, clear waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes. 

I selected the top spots to reside in the Texas Hill Country so you can live here and explore the state’s stunning landscapes, quiet rivers, and lovely little towns. These Texas Hill Country locations are exciting and unique. Moreover, they have access to the major cities along with outstanding healthcare facilities. 

Top 10 Places to Live in the Texas Hill Country 

I ranked these places based on their surroundings, the rate of employment, cost of living, crime rate, scholarships for students etc. 

Below are the top 10 places to live in Texas hill country : 


Cost of Living Index:17.5% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$159,750

Wimberley would be among the best Texas Hill Country towns for living. With only 3,150 residents, the place is very welcoming, with a strong neighbourhood bond.

Its rural atmosphere definitely sets it apart from other bigger nearby cities. You can relocate here quickly since increased immigration from bigger areas like Houston and Dallas has increased the real estate value in this area. 

With sunny summers and temperate winters, this region has 315 days on average of sunlight a year. Here the average annual rainfall is 35 inches. Moreover, cold periods typically range from November 15 to March 5, even though the weather in Texas is frequently unpredictable.

The University of Texas, a 45,000-student institution, is situated north of the city center on a sizable campus. Wimberley’s rate of unemployment is 5.1%, compared to the 8.0% national average. Jobs in Wimberley have grown by 4.5% to this date.

The stunning spring-fed swimming holes at Wimberley are well-known. New inhabitants must hike Old Baldy to experience the breathtaking Hill Country views.


Cost of Living Index:15% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$243,600

Blanco has a cost of living that is 5.5% more than the national average. Compared to the 8.0% national average, Blanco’s rate of unemployment is 4.5%. There has been a positive trend in current employment growth. Also, the number of employment in Blanco has grown by 2.8%

There has been a 10.5% increase in Blanco’s population growth since 2021. In Blanco, real estate costs about $375,000 for a single-family home. The previous eight years have seen a 5.5% increase in home value. 

High praise is given to Blanco’s state schools too. Moreover, each kid in Blanco schools receives $15,812 in funding, while the cost of education is approximately $13,000. Here in Blanco, there are around 11.7 students for every teacher.

Residents of Blanco enjoy a metropolitan and agricultural combination, and the majority of them are homeowners. This village’s serene river and nature reserve make it the perfect place to start a new life. 


Cost of Living Index:7.5% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$150,450

One of the finest Texas Hill Country communities is Fredericksburg. This county is a tranquil rural community in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. It’s a small neighborhood where several German immigrants once lived

Here in Fredericksburg, the average price of a house is $378,700. Over the past eight years, home growth has been 7.5%. Fredericksburg has a 4.5% rate of unemployment, which is lower than the 8.0% national average. The percentage of employment in Fredericksburg has climbed by 2.4%. The price of living in Fredericksburg is 2.0% higher than the national average. 

Gillespie County remained solidly Republican in the presidential election of 2016 with a margin of 78.5% to 20.5%. A large number of families and working professionals reside in this place. The public schools here perform above average as well. Also, every student receives $12,550 from Fredericksburg government universities. 

The majority of people in Fredericksburg rent their houses, giving them a sense of living in a suburban-urban balance. It’s a spot where residents may unwind from urban life and recharge themselves amidst the charming hill country. 

Johnson City

Johnson City
Johnson City
Cost of Living Index:14% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$215,500

The middle region of the county is about twelve miles north of Blanco, home to Johnson City. Also known as the county seat of Blanco County, this city is located at the juncture of U.S. roads 281 and 290. 

Although this Hill Country community is small, it is home to some of Texas’ most well-known figures. 15 minutes are spent on the drive on average, whereas the 30-minute period is the national average. New inhabitants may spend their nights browsing on the main street, exploring the nearby wineries’ selections. 

There are 70,521 people living in the Tennessee county of Johnson City. The city’s public institutions are well-regarded. The cops are easily seen and respond quickly to any urgent matter. 

Johnson City’s rate of unemployment is 2.1%, compared to the 8.0% national average. Here the recent job growth has been encouraging. Businesses in Johnson City have grown by 4.6%. The cost of housing in Johnson City is 10.5% more than the national average. 

In Johnson City, the average cost of a house is $395,800. Over the past eight years, home development has been around 7.9%. Government universities in Johnson City recently spent $12,257 on each student. 

Marble Falls

Marble Falls
Marble Falls
Cost of Living Index:17% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$175,500 

Marble Falls is a charming Hill Country town. Individuals who enjoy the outdoors and want to explore the tiny but pleasant town center can come here. 

Marble Falls rates on the top of the list in terms of a variety of qualities and diversity. Also, there isn’t much violence, and people feel safe wandering at nighttime (the violent crime rate in Marble Falls is 15.8, whereas the US average is 25.2). On the other hand, the Property crime rate in Marble Falls is 65.5. 

While some individuals might choose a bigger city with more possibilities, others would prefer a smaller city with a close-knit neighborhood. This city satisfies the needs and requirements of its inhabitants by giving them enough job vacancies, access to all the city’s facilities, and the rural pace of a country village. 

Marble Falls has a cheaper living cost than most other towns in the state and across the nation. The county of Burnet voted 78.9% to 25.8% in favor of the Republican candidate in the presidential election of 2016. 

Marble Falls is a hotspot for adventure travel. Here you can get the iconic metamorphic rocks, glistening lakes, and breathtaking bathing places. Marble Falls is bordered by some of Texas’ top state parks, which can easily reach all of them. 

Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs
Cost of Living Index:25% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$275,000 

The renowned Hamilton Pool Reserve is the reason Dripping Springs is referred to as the “Gate to the Hill Country“. The town’s cheap living costs, excellent public institutions, and lack of city lights make it an ideal location for living. At Headwaters, there are a lot of activities that help you create your own sense of family.

The living cost in Dripping Springs is 46.4% more expensive than the state average. The average cost of a house is $600,000. In the previous 8 years, home growth averaged around 6.2%.

These areas are centers for numerous occasions and activities, so inhabitants are not required to travel far for anything outside work and the local grocery. Every year, Dripping Springs has a number of engaging events that attract residents while also providing opportunities for new inhabitants to socialize and create memories.

Rolling hills, beautiful rivers and streams, and a distinctive downtown with stores, little coffee shops, and brew pubs are some of the attractions of Dripping Springs. Explore one of the numerous prize-winning vineyards in the area, mount a sandstone cliff at Reimers Ranch, or swim in the clear waters of Hamilton Pool reserve. 


Cost of Living Index:42.5% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$75,000

People should explore the self-described Cowboy Capital of the World, not only Central Texas. 

Housing costs in Bandera are 18% less expensive than the state average. In comparison, the utility costs are 4% less expensive. Price of gas and other costs of transportation are 7% less than the country’s average. Moreover, grocery costs in Bandera are 2.5% less than the US average. 

The total rate of crime in Bandera is 5 per 1,000 people, which is less than the national average for American towns and cities. Based on an examination of FBI crime reports, you have a one in one hundred chance of being a crime victim in Bandera.

Each student in Bandera’s government universities receives $9,500. Whereas in the United States, the average cost per student is $12,500.

Bandera is renowned for its expansive scenery and cowboy culture. Bandera is close to a number of the most stunning natural places in the state which is situated on the banks of the pristine Medina River. This is a great location, too for an evening horseback ride or perhaps an overnight stay at any private ranches. 


Cost of Living Index:15.5% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$258,000 

Boerne is bordered by rocky sandstone terrain, dense stands of oak trees, and cypress trees in the Texas Hill Country. German settlers initially resided in this area over 150 years ago, close to the refreshing Cibolo Creek. 

Boerne has a growing economy and a lower rate of unemployment (4.7%) than the state average. Boerne’s house values have increased by more than 10% during the previous ten years. Industries have grown by 2.5% in Boerne. 

In Boerne, the best months to shift are February, March, and May, while the worst months are November to January because of the snowfall. Residents have 24/7 access to the area’s world-class medical services, vibrant nightlife, historic structures, scenic landscapes, and other amenities. 

Among the most popular outdoor activities in Boerne is exploring the “Cave Without a Name.” New inhabitants may explore the geological cavern’s tunnels. Also, they can see local artists put on shows in these tunnels throughout the year.  

San Antonio

San Antonio
San Antonio
Cost of Living Index:5.5% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$289,450

The two largest cities in The Texas Hill Country are San Antonio and Austin. The Texas Hill Country is an area in central Texas that is part of the Edwards Plateau. But the renowned town in the Texas Hill Country is San Antonio. 

San Antonio is renowned for its accessibility, high level of safety, incredible cuisine scene, and laid-back lifestyle. It’s the cheapest big metropolitan hub in Texas and the seventh safest major metropolis in the country.

This city is well-known for having a sizable Hispanic population and impact. The population of this city is made up of 21% European-Americans, 65% Hispanic-Americans, 5% African-Americans, 5% Asian-Americans, and 2% other people. As you can see, this city is quite welcoming and helpful to newcomers.

The average person pays less than $1,000 per month in mortgage and rental payments. Moreover, each student in San Antonio’s public schools receives almost $9,800 as a scholarship. 

The renowned San Antonio Riverwalk is a popular place for new residents to enjoy their days wandering. This county reflects the vast rural countryside of South Texas, but it’s also linked to developing suburb subdivisions and upscale retirement communities.  


Cost of Living Index:12.5% Below Texas Average
Median Home Price:$175,000

Staked Lands is another name for Llano Estacado county. However, it may be more correctly described in terms of geology as the “palisaded” lowlands as it’s in the northern part of the Great Plains of Central Texas. It is unknown how long Tonkawa Indians and Germans had resided in Central Texas when the present Llano County was first discovered. 

Llano is a terrific place to raise your family and has a lot to offer, including elite colleges with outstanding athletic programs. It is a quiet, secure neighborhood that is surrounded by stunning natural scenery and friendly locals. You may leave your vehicle unlocked and not worry in this type of safest location.

Only 3,500 people call the city home, which is why it’s considered quite a small town. Numerous studies have revealed that small towns generally have better economic conditions than larger ones such as this city. 

An ideal season to relocate to Llano is in May. When living in this county, you could visit Shakedown Alley and wander across the Roy B. Inks railroad bridge that spans the breathtaking Llano River. 

Nowadays, the entire county is absolutely overflowing with cultural events. Don’t miss out on the chance to relocate in this country and learn about its rich history as well. 


How would you describe the Texas Hill Country? 

People from towns in the Texas Hill Country are fortunate to have a great climate. The area is pleasant to live in since the summer is warm and dry. 

Unlike other places in Texas and other states of America, you do not get tired here. Additionally, there is a richness of natural beauty throughout the whole year.

What draws you to the Texas Hill Country? 

A large percentage of Central Texas is made up of the Texas Hill Country, which is known for its lovely rolling green hills and open grasslands. 

Lake LBJ, Lake Travis and both the Guadalupe and Colorado rivers are just a few of the streams and lakes that are available for fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Can you get snow in the Texas Hill Country?

Texas’ hill area maintains a comfortable temperature with peak levels in the 50s from November to February, while the rest of the state is freezing. Just an inch of snow falls on average each year.


The towns and localities on my list are the finest locations to live in the Texas Hill Country. My listing should offer you a fair indication of where you want to relocate in the future.

I believe they are all excellent places to call home, particularly considering the high standard of living in and surrounding these gorgeous hill territories.

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