8 Best Rivers to Float in Texas – Guadalupe River is on Top of The List

Tubing can be the most enjoyable way to spend your Texas summer with friends and family. But before you select any random rivers to float near your area, it’s wise to know crucial factors like safety, kid-friendliness, hygiene, etc.

In this article, I listed some of the most excellent places for river tubing in Texas based on those factors. Let’s get started.

Top 8 Texas Rivers to Enjoy Tubing

While I mentioned the name and details of the rivers, it’s better if you pick an outfitter based on the access points near you and the quality of the company.

Guadalupe River

Guadalupe River
Guadalupe River
Address:11860 FM306 #2, New Braunfels, TX 78132
Best Activities:Tubing, Camping, Paddling

By visiting Guadalupe River State Park, you can not only enjoy river tubing but also experience a range of fun outdoor activities. For example, you can set up camp to enjoy a night in the woods, try out fishing, or hike through the picturesque natural landscape in this park.

Moreover, there are other ways to float the Guadalupe River in Texas. Float The Guadalupe is a well-known name for river tubing. It’s situated near the Horseshoe Loop.

Guadalupe Floating Services only allows kids that are at least five years old to float in the river. As a result, with the supervision of an adult, it is a kid-friendly floating spot. Make sure to read the rules of floating on Guadalupe before planning your visit. Also, see if the floating service you are considering offers lifeguards.

Comal River

Comal River
Comal River
Address:1880 I-35BL, New Braunfels, TX 78130
Best Activities:Backrest Tubing, Ice Floating

The water of the Comal River is slightly cold even on the hottest summer days. Because of this, it is a convenient place for tubing to escape the Texas heat. A tubing outfitter service offers parking, tubes, and rental all in one package.

There are a number of outfitters for tubing in the Comal river such as Comal Tubes, Corner Tubes, Landa Falls, etc. Check out their services and cost information before picking one. 

As the Comal river is pretty calm and outfitters provide safety vests, it is a good choice for kids as well. Compared to Guadalupe, the Comal river does not have that many shallow areas and the water is much calmer.

San Marcos River

San Marcos River
San Marcos River
Address:630 E. Hopkins, San Marcos, TX 78666
Best Activities:Tubing, Swimming, Canoeing

The San Marcos river is one of the most popular water spots in the city where people like to indulge in fishing, swimming, tubing, snorkeling, etc. Due to the freshwater springs in the area, the water in the river is very clean. Therefore, it can be a great place for floating.

There are several outfitters available if you want to try tubing on the San Marcos river. Some of the well-known options are Texas State Tubes and Tubes and Macros. Before floating on the river with your family, make sure you give the rules and regulations of such activities a thorough read.

Generally, it takes about an hour to finish your float on this river. If you start in City Park, you can increase it to two hours. Moreover, you can experience kayaking at night with LEDs attached to your kayaks. Lastly, it is a safe spot for tubing and floating for kids as well!

Frio River

Frio River
Frio River
Address:21170 HWY127, Concan, TX 78838
Best Activities:Floating, Camping, Garner State Park

If you are near the Texas Hill Country, the fresh and clear water of the Frio River is a fascinating attraction to visit. There are many different access points from where you can start your tubing journey and enjoy a substantial amount of time escaping the heat. The most famous access points are the County Road crossing, the US Highway Bridge, the FM 1120 crossing west, etc.

The freshwater river’s water is pretty cold during summer. People love the short depth and clarity of the water on this river. Again, Tube Texas is a well-known outfitter for floating on the Frio. On the other hand, many people prefer Happy Hollow Frio River Outfitters.

Last but not least, if you’re visiting from a distant part of Texas, you can stay in one of the cabins by the river. While you can bring your own floating equipment, you will need to find an access point where you will be allowed to float on your own.

Medina River

Medina River
Medina River
Address:1114 Main St., Po Box 638, Bandera, Texas 78003
Best Activities:Tubing, Kayaking, Horseback Riding

Situated in South Central Texas, the Medina River is surrounded by large trees and a lot of greenery. The most popular activities at this spot are kayaking, horseback riding, city park visits, etc. During hot seasons, the river may face drought. Therefore, swimming is not an option at certain times of the year.

The most exciting thing about floating on the Medina River is that you can enjoy up to three hours of tubing. It is pretty long compared to other rivers where the floats are only an hour long. Medina River Company is a well-known outfitter for tubing in this area.

Overall, you can enjoy your tubing trip on the Medina River due to the surrounding bald cypress trees, clear shallow water, and the overall natural feel of the adventure. The shades of the trees provide cover from the hot Texas sun and the cool temperature of the water makes it more enjoyable.

Blanco River

Blanco River
Blanco River
Website: https://www.sanmarcostx.gov/3421/Blanco-River
Address: 630 E. Hopkins, San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone: 512-393-8400
Best Activities: Swimming, Fishing, Camping
Reviews: 19
Rating: 4.8/5

Flowing through the Hill Country, the Blanco river is a pretty sight filled with springs. People going for tubing in the Blanco river start from the Blanco State Park. Not only is it a convenient place to start your floating, but it is also a great spot for fishing, swimming, and camping. Another thing is that you do not require any form of license to fish in the Blanco River.

Being quite shallow, the river is a safe spot for tubing even for kids! However, you do have to account for the steep turns and water springs spread throughout the body of water. For tubing, you can get the equipment from the park’s rental.

Canoeing is also a worthwhile activity to partake in when you visit Blanco State Park. Not to mention the camping spots where you can spend a night under the clear sky surrounded by the beautiful natural surroundings.

South Llano River

South Llano River
South Llano River
Address:4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX 78744
Best Activities:Floating, Hiking, Paddling

Compared to other rivers mentioned on this list, the South Llano River has a pretty open environment. The lake is located northwest of Austin in a shallow body of water that is ideal for floating. Moreover, the low depth of the river’s water allows it to be a suitable tubing spot for kids as well as adults.

A key advantage of floating on the South Llano River is that you can bring your own tubes. For renting, you can get the equipment directly from South Llano River State Park where the cost is fairly low compared to other outfitters on this list!

The 22.7 miles long trail around the river is also very pleasant for hiking. You can ride your bike through the terrain and there are wooded areas that you can pass through. People also enjoy birdwatching, camping, stargazing, kayaking, and doing a lot of different activities together in this river’s state park.

Brazos River

Brazos River
Brazos River
Address:Two Bridges Resort, 10801 Interstate 20 West, Millsap, TX 76066
Best Activities:Tubing, Kayaking, RV-Camping

Known to be the 11th largest river in the entire country, the Brazos is surrounded by greenery. The body of water moves pretty slowly and does not have many bumps. As a result, it is one of the finest rivers to float on in Texas.

Tube Texas, Tubing the Brazos, Brazos Outdoor Center, etc., are some of the outfitters available that provide equipment for tubing. Depending on what access point you prefer, you can go for any of the outfitters that offer a suitable service. 

One key thing to know is that you might want to avoid the Brazos River during the rainy season due to muddy water. However, the water is usually clear and pretty most of the year.


Which Texas river has the prettiest scenery?

The Rio Grande is the prettiest river in Texas. Among the most scenic rivers in Texas, this river runs 1,900 miles

Is there a safe river to float with kids in Texas?

The Comal River is a great floating spot for families with kids.

Which Texas river float is the longest?

The South Llano River in Texas can provide the longest tubing experience with its 55-mile-long floating area.


No matter where you are in Texas, it’s most likely that there is a river nearby which can be suitable for tubing. Consider camping and hiking alongside floating on the river to have the most fulfilling summer experience of your life!

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