How to Break a Tie in Texas Holdem – Here is What to Know

Apparently, it is not possible for two players to get an identical flush, royal flush, straight flush, or even four of a kind unless with the usage of the five community cards. If they use the community cards, there are different ways to break the tie, depending on the card.

Breaking Ties in Texas Holdem

Possibility of Breaking Ties

If two or more players have the identical flush, straight, three of a kind, and high cards, the chance of tie-breaking is two kickers. If the tie is between two pairs and four of a kind, the breaking possibility is one kicker. Finally, it is impossible to have an identical royal flush, straight flush, or full house between two players.

Texas Holdem High Card Rules

According to the Poker Pair rules, if two or more players have identical pairs, the card with the highest kicker can decide the winner. If it is required, a second or third kicker can be utilized. Note that the high card rules in Texas Holdem say that if all players have similar five cards, then the pot is shared between all.

Four of a Kind Tie in Poker

There cannot be any four of a kind tie in poker as two players cannot get similar four of a kind. However, if it happens via community cards, the kicker can determine. Meanwhile, once the players check their hole cards, the one with the strongest card wins.


When two players have a flush, the person with the strongest flush wins here. If the dealer gives a flush from the community cards, which is the highest flush among the hole cards of all players, then the pot is shared among every player.

Two Pair Tie

In the event where two players have the same two pairs, the one with the 5th strongest card wins. It is regardless of the suit, by the way. This 5th highest-ranking card can be the community card or hole card of any player.

Do Suits Matter in Texas Holdem?

Several poker games do not have suit rankings, unlike many other card games. Although, players often solve problems using it. For example, if two players get the same ranked card, people often split it using suit ranking. It is arbitrary as different locations may rank the suits differently.

Does Color Matter in Poker?

Color doesn’t matter in Texas Holdem and many other poker games. If there is an issue to fix, like who will deal first, or there is a tie, it is usually resolved by the suit hierarchy, not color. There are other ways to break it, depending on the cards.

Does a Four of a Kind Beats a Full House?

Yes, a four of a kind beats a full house in poker. Meanwhile, a four of a kind can be beaten by a straight flush. A Royal flush can beat a straight flush. On the other hand, a full house can beat a flush in this game.

Final Note

If there are ties in Texas Holdem, there are various ways to split them. Usually, people solve them with one or two kickers. However, it is impossible to get a full house, straight flush, or Royal flush tie in Texas Holdem, as two people cannot get these cards simultaneously.

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