Can You Own a Hedgehog in Texas?

can you own a hedgehog in texas

You can own a hedgehog in Texas without paying any annual permit or requiring any license. It is totally allowed to have this exotic animal as your pet. You do need a permit if you are dealing with wildlife or a breeder.

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Laws from the Other States About Owning a Hedgehog


Unfortunately, California laws don’t allow you to keep a hedgehog as a pet. It is possible to get a permit for hedgehogs for educational purposes only. Albeit, it is still so hard to get. The law here forbids owning any animals that are not classified as ‘legal’ by default.

New York

The city health code from New York classifies hedgehogs as wild animals. As a result, it is not allowed to keep a hedgehog in one’s home in New York. The main reason is that hedgehogs are totally nocturnal animals.

New Jersey

You can own a hedgehog if you live in New Jersey. However, with a license, that is. Hedgehogs are not classified as exempt exotic animals here. The annual permit you have to provide is $10 for one of these cute companions.

Orgon and Idaho

If you live in Oregon or Idaho, you can have an African Pigmy hedgehog without any permit. Meanwhile, the European hedgehogs are not allowed in either place as they are protected. You can’t even get any permit or license for European hedgehogs.


Pennsylvania law only allows you to keep the hedgehogs from within the state as of 1992 or their offspring. One cannot import any hedgehogs from any foreign state or nation to Pennsylvania, let alone own it. The owner must have any proof of the hedgehog being from Pennsylvania.

Texas Laws Regarding Other Exotic Animals


As a regular civilian, you cannot own an owl in Texas. But if you are a trained professional who will keep the owl for rehabilitation, educational purpose, fostering in a rehabilitation facility, or breeding program, you can own one with a license.


Texas allows owning monkeys just like cats or dogs. You do not need a permit or license to have one, and it can even be an exotic species like Callitrichid. However, you cannot sell them outside of the state. We remind you that monkeys are actually messy animals that need extra patients to raise.


It is totally allowed to keep a capybara at your home in Texas. The law here does not require you to obtain a permit for it. Other states like Pennsylvania or New York also legalize owning this semi-aquatic animal.


Surprisingly enough, you can own a kangaroo in Texas with a permit. But we suggest not going for the creature if you don’t have a decent grassy land area with high fences as they can leap pretty high. You also can’t house-train them.

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Final Note

No matter which exotic animal you are going for, know that it will bring some challenges. You may not find a suitable vet for it nearby. They may also need diet options that are unavailable at your local markets. We suggest keeping an exotic animal if you know any specialized vet that can help you.

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