Does Austin Texas Get Tornadoes?

Tornadoes in Austin Texas

Austin from Texas does not only get tornadoes, but it is a high-risk area. The largest one so far was in 1997 that went as big as F4. It resulted in the death and injury of five. On average, Austin gets two tornadoes every year.


What Is a Superfund?

Superfund is any US area that has a contaminated environment by hazardous substances. The EPA has planned to perform cleanup on these places since they are very harmful to human health and the surrounding environment. Superfunds are mostly restricted for normal civilians to enter.

Superfunds in Austin Texas

Austin Texas has around 29 superfunds. Among them, 27 of them are archived. The two others are non-NPL. It means that these areas are not identified yet by the National Priorities List. This list contains the most hazardous places in the state.

History of Tornados in Texas

How Many Tornadoes Were There in Austin Texas Since 1950?

Since 1950, 146 tornadoes of different sizes formed in Austin, Texas. As you can predict, the area has a high risk of tornadoes. But most of them are smaller ones, with some becoming deadly.

The Deadliest Tornado in Texas So Far

The deadliest tornado in Texas so far was the Waco Tornado from May 11, 1953, is the deadliest in the history of Texas, based on the damage it caused. This F5 tornado killed 114 and injured 597. Around 600 houses were destroyed by it.

Texas Tornadoes in Summer?

Texas has really excellent weather during summer with hot air. However, Texas gets tornadoes more during the spring season. Albeit most of them are not that large or pose risk to injury or such.

Tornadoes in Texas vs other states

Why are tornadoes more common in Texas than in other states? The reason behind this is their weather pattern. Tornado mostly needs warm humid air rising from the surface while cold air descends from above to form. It is common in Texas.

Tornado Damages

How do tornadoes damage things? There are two ways that a tornado can cause damage to its surrounding objects. It is either the wind that spins at massive speed or the flying debris that it picks up and throws in random directions.

How Long Does a Tornado Last?

A tornado can last from some seconds to over an hour. Most of them disappear within ten minutes. Tornadoes are really sensitive to any change in weather. So, they destroy up over even minor effects.

What Other City in Texas Gets Tornadoes?

Aside from Austin, another city from Texas that gets so many tornadoes is San Antonio. Only within the year 2017, the area has seen four tornadoes. They caused the destruction of many houses. Fortunately, nobody got injuries from them, according to the reports.

Final Note

Some areas in the US face more tornadoes than others, and Texas is one of them. In it, Austin is one of the cities with high risk. Tornadoes are predictable to some extent. So, upon hearing its news, you should take safety actions. The path of a tornado is hard to predict, so people should be so careful about these circumstances.

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