Does Costco Sell Liquor in Texas? Things You Need To Know

does costco sell liquor in texas

No, Costco cannot sell liquors in Texas because of the prohibition by the laws in the state. According to these regulations, any publicly-traded retailers are forbidden to sell liquor. However, retailers that privately own these alcoholic drinks can sell them in the state.

Reasoning Behind the Prohibition

The common reason behind the prohibition on selling liquors by publicly-traded retailers in Texas is the price and consumption. Even after a decision by Robert Pitman about the law being unconstitutional, it is yet to change. Other companies like Walmart or Kroger are also in the same situation.

The Suing of Walmart

Walmart cannot sell liquor in Texas, just like Costco and Kroger for being a publicly-traded company. However, Walmart can sell beer and wine in the state. The chain sued Texas on June 29 to have the right to sell liquors.

The Blue Law in Texas

The blue law in Texas is still around, and it prohibits the selling of liquor and cars on Sundays. This law was originally enacted for reasons related to religious activities. It is an old-fashioned rule that many states used to follow. But most places are slowly removing the prohibition.

Can You Buy Liquors Anywhere in Texas?

You can buy liquor in any region in the lone star state if it is about places. But Texas has some regulations when it comes to timing. On Sundays, you cannot purchase liquor from any store as all the liquor shops must be closed.

Can Grocery Stores Sell Hard Liquor in Texas?

There are specific stores to sell liquors in Texas. Grocery shops, convenience stores, or drug stores are not allowed to do it. So, you cannot expect to get hard liquor from those places. But you can get beer and wines from there, though.

Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol in Texas?

While the company cannot sell liquor in Texas, it can deliver alcoholic drinks like beer or wine in their grocery pick-up service. You can freely order these drinks from Walmart if you live in Illinois, Texas, New Hampshire, California, Michigan, and Florida.

Why Can You Buy Alcohol at Cosco without Membership?

Some states consider it illegal to need a membership to buy alcohol. In these states, you can purchase liquors without requiring a membership. Some of them are California, Arizona, Delaware, Kentucky, Colorado, Hawaii, Connecticut, Indiana, etc.

Final Note

While Texans have a lot of freedom in many fields, they cannot get liquors from some of the best chain companies like Walmart or Costco. Meanwhile, there is also the blue law still in force. So, if you are a liquor enthusiast, you need to buy them from specific stores.

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