Does Texas Have Its Own Military?

does texas have its own military

Texas does have its own military forces, which is a combination of three branches. The Texas Air National Guard, Texas Army National Guard, and Texas State Guard together make the military. They take commands from the Texas Governor.

The Three Branches of Texas Military Forces

Texas State Guard

Texas State Guard is one of the three branches of TXMF. Stationed at Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas, the branch has the duty of ensuring state security, augmenting other branches, and joining community services. The force members get professional training and are ready to conduct any mission.

Texas Air National Guard

Texas Air National Guard is the air force of the Texas state and is under the command of the Texas Governor. It is not under the US Air Force and only serves as the aerial military of Texas as part of its three militia branches.

Texas Army National Guard

The Texas Army National Guard is a part of the TXMF, US Army, and the US National Guard. Their duty falls into different categories such as emergency preparing, border safety, disaster relief, and providing security to state law enforcement. Around 19,000 soldiers and 117 armories are part of the branch.

Additional Information Regarding Texas Military Forces

When did the Texas Navy Become Part of the Texas Army?

The Texas Navy became one with the US armed force when Texas became a state of America on February 19, 1846. The force was also known as the Second Texas Navy and would handle the marine warfare of the state.

What Is the Difference Between Texas Millia and Military?

While the Texas military is the armed forces under the state Governor, the militia is trained civilians. They either are reserved forces that may get called under specific situations or simply be a private force that is not under the Governor or any other power.

What Does the Texas Military Department Do?

The Texas Military Department has the same duty as the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is to ensure the security of the state and civilians. However, both under the state Governor, the former utilizes the TXMF to perform its activities.

Does Texas Have a Strong Military?

Texas has a highly strong military that can rival even foreign forces. The Texas National Guard is consists of around 21,000 members and contains advanced armory and other technologies. Their Air Guard and attack wings are capable of conducting drone strikes and such.

Final Note

Like other states in the USA, Texas has a well-established military system. Under the Governor, the three branches look after state security. Meanwhile, the Texas Army National Guard also conducts activities as a part of the US forces.

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