How Does Texas Roadhouse Cook Their Steaks?

When the chefs at Texas Roadhouse cook their steaks, they cover each side of it with seasonings. Then they let it wait for 40 minutes. As a result, the salt goes through the surface, breaking the muscle fibers down. So, the steak turns out pretty tender.

how does texas roadhouse cook their steaks

Tips for Cooking a Texas Roadhouse Steak

The Perfect Pan

The secret to the perfect tenderness of a steak is an even heat distribution. For a Texas Roadhouse Steak, a cast-iron pan with well-seasoning cooking will achieve that. It also helps you get that golden crust on the steak quicker than usual.

Accurate Temperature

First, make sure that the steak is at room temperature before the grilling. When grilling, go for medium-rare. The temperature of the internal part of a Texas Roadhouse steak should be 140° F. We advise utilizing a digital thermometer to keep track of the temp.

Seasoning Ingredients

To prepare the seasoning of Texas Roadhouse Steak, you will need the following.

A tablespoon of- Smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic salt, garlic powder, kosher salt, crushed black pepper, and dried crush parsley.

One and ½ tablespoons of- Red chili powder.

Quarter tablespoon of- Turmeric and brown sugar.

How Much Are the Entrees at Texas Roadhouse?

The entrees at Texas Roadhouse vary within a wide range, with the least number of $39.99. You get to choose four entrees there. Aside from that, you will also get some fresh-baked rolls, honey cinnamon butter, a large salad, and four different side dishes.

Why Are Texas Roadhouse Steaks So Juicy?

The juiciness in Texas Roadhouse Steaks comes from a variety of processes. These include dry brining and aging the meats and using sous vide (Vacuum-sealing) in their cooking. Nowadays, most well-known restaurants are using these procedures too.

Is It Best to Cook Steak in Butter?

Apparently, not. Butter has a low smoked point of 350 F. Instead, using oils with smoked points between 400 to 520°F, like Avocado oil, soybean oil, or canola oil, will be best for steaks. Alternatively, you can use clarified butter.

Does Texas Roadhouse Use Tenderizer on Their Steaks?

Information from Texas Roadhouse tells us that Texas Roadhouse does not use any meat tenderizer. Instead, their steaks are hand-cut and hand-tenderized by their meat cutters. Their workers hand-tenderize over 300 sirloin steaks each day.

Can You Buy Uncooked Steaks from Texas Roadhouse?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse offers five different cuts of steaks of several sizes. The available options are filets, filet medallions, New York strips, bone-in ribeyes, and boneless. You can get them in sizes from 6 to 20 oz.

Final Note

Texas roadhouse delivers both cooked and uncooked steaks. So, whether you want to taste their excellent cooking style or try it at home, you are free to go. They also deliver their seasonings and cooking instructions in the package. So, you won’t face any issues.

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