How Many Time Zones Does Texas Have?

how many time zones does texas have

Texas has two time zones. There is the Central time zone that almost all of Texas follows. Then there is the Mountain time zone. Only three counties in the western part of the state, Culberson, El Paso, and Hudspeth, use this time zone.

Coordinated Universal Time

While most of Texas is in the Central Standard Time Zone, some part of it is in Mountain Standard Time Zone. They are known as the CST and MST. CST is UTC-6. Meanwhile, the MST follows UTC-7.

Mountain Time Zone States

Aside from the three counties in Texas (Culberson, El Paso, and Hudspeth), five other states use the MST time zone. They are the state of Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, and New Colorado. You can observe this time zone by subtracting 7 from the universal time zone (UTC).

Central Time Zone States

Around 20 states in the USA, three provinces in Canada, Central America, and Mexico use the Central Time Zone (CST). While the time zone covers some of these states entirely, some others only have parts of them that follow CST.

What Are the Different Time Zones in the United States?

Aside from the UTC-12 (AoE), the USA uses 10 other time zones. They are UTC-11 (ST), UTC-10 (HAT), UTC-9 (AKT), UTC-8 (PT), UTC-7 (MT), UTC-6 (CT), UTC-5 (ET), UTC-4 (AST), UTC+10 (Cht), and UTC+12 (WIT).

Does Any State Have 3 Time Zones?

No state in the USA has more than two time zones. There are 13 states, including Alaska, Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Nebraska, Michigan, etc., with two time zones while others have only one.

What Is the Largest Time Zone in the USA?

Among the 11 time zones used in the USA, UTC-6, or the Central Time Zone (CST), is the largest based on the area it covers. The time zone spreads over 20 states of the nation, with some places in Central America.

What State Is the Most Behind in Time?

If we include the uninhabited areas, Baker Island is the most behind in time in the USA. Excluding the uninhabited islands, any region that follows the Samoa Standard Time and Niue Time are the most behind.

Where Is It 12 Hours Ahead?

From the USA, UTC+6 will be the closest nation with a time zone that is 12 hours ahead of the central time zone. The countries that follow UTC+6 are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, some regions of China, and Russia.

Final Note

Time zones are a pretty important matter in traveling, scheduling, etc. While Texas follows two time zones, many other states do so too. One should be aware of the time zone of the area they enter to fix their watch to the correct hour.

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