How Much Do Texas Roadhouse Servers Make?

how much do texas roadhouse servers make

If you are wondering about the average amount that the Texas Roadhouse Servers make, most of them have a salary of around $9 per hour. However, the range here can start from $1 to as high as $181.

Jobs at Texas Roadhouse

Average Tips Waitresses Make

The amount of tips that waitresses make depends on when they work. Total tips on a typical night shift will be anywhere from $50 to $100. Any waitress can get $150 if they work on a weekend night and $200 if they work a double shift on the weekend.

Hourly Salary as a Worker at Texas Roadhouse

The average salary as a Texas Roadhouse worker is $6 as a server, $8 as a host or hostess at the restaurant, $12 as a prep cook, and $13 as a line cook. Overall, it ranges from $2 to $16 throughout different job positions.

Hourly Wage as a Server at Texas Roadhouse

As a server, you can make a minimum wage of $2.13 under the jurisdiction of Texas, Tennessee, Utah, and South Carolina. A tipped employee can make a total of $7.25, combining the cash and tip from Texas and Utah.

Do Texas Roadhouse Servers Make Good Money?

Well, it is true that you can make a pretty good sum working in any post at Texas Roadhouse. However, the work can be really stressful and drain your energy quickly. If you can handle that, it will be a great place to get a job.

Is Being a Server at Texas Roadhouse Hard?

According to the servers from Texas Roadhouse themselves, the work is pretty hard and stressful. They may make you take shifts and change your schedules. Also, the tip out there will be based on the sales instead of the total tips.

Do You Get Paid for Training at Texas Roadhouse?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse does pay its newly hired employees during the training period. One worker there said that the training process is not that hard. Yet it is stressful with the trainer standing by as you are taking over a table.

Does Texas Roadhouse Allow Tattoos?

Texas Redhouse allows tattoos on most of their places. Aside from that, you can also have long hairstyles and facial hair. However, while it is allowed to have hair colors, the color must not look crazy.

Final Note

This article should answer some of the basic questions and confusions you had regarding Texas Roadhouse. If you are going for a job, it will be an ideal thing to talk to someone who already worked there. We also advise reading all their rules beforehand.

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