How to Become a Game Warden in Texas?

To become a game warden, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, be a citizen of the USA,

possess a valid driver’s license, be physically and mentally capable, perform handguns, swimming, and rowing tests, and meet other eligibility factors.

Texas Game Wardens: Things You May Need to Know

Game Wardens

The Texas game wardens can do what any other police officer in the state legally can. However, they are more than just police. Their usual activities fall in ensuring and enforcing the codes related to the Texas wildlife and parks. But they can also work as a regular cop, which also includes the penal codes.

Required Time to Become a Texas Game Warden

If, as a candidate, you prove yourself to be extraordinary among others, they will send you to a Texas Game Warden Training Academy. This training session will last around 30-weeks. During it, they usually go through tasks like live crocodile catching and closing their mouths using duct tapes.

Difficulty to Become a Game Warden

Game wardens in Texas are some of the most capable police officers, so it is hard to become one. You need a college degree and be one of the strongest individuals in the selection process. Then, if you are eligible and pass the selection period, the training will start, which is way harder than the previous steps.

Training Contents

The training for a game warden in Texas contains all the knowledge, skills, and first-hand experience of their first field assignments. Aside from that, it also readies the new game wardens for the peace officer licensing exam. Therefore, they arrange the training contents keeping many factors in mind.

Age Limit

In order to become a Texas Game Warden, one must be at least 21 years old on and before their entry date. It is usually on the first day of the year. Meanwhile, there is no maximum age limit for the job. One must be physically and mentally suitable, though.

Annual Earning

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, fish and game wardens from the USA earn around $57,000 annually. It is almost similar to the earnings of the police officers, detectives, and even the low DPS trooper-ranked Texas Rangers.


There isn’t a lack of things and people out there that pose a danger to the game wardens. Firstly, there are bad guys from fishers, hunters, trappers, and even regular criminals. Then there are dangerous animals and accidents like drowning or hypothermia. So it is rarely a bed of roses.

Can a Game Warden Arrest You for a Wildlife Violation?

A game warden can arrest you for wildlife violations in most states. In Texas, they are not limited to wildlife and parks but can also apprehend anyone breaking local, state, or federal laws. They don’t even have to be related to the wilderness. It is the same in California too.

Final Note

While being a game warden is quite tricky, they are one of Texas’s most potent police forces. So, if you want to be one, you must meet all the eligibility factors and pass the selection period, game warden training session, and peace officer’s licensing exam.

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