How to Become a Texas Ranger? Things You Need to Know

How to Become a Texas Ranger?

To be qualified for a Texas Ranger, an applicant must have worked in a law enforcement organization that conducts crime investigations for at least 8 years. There are other eligibility factors too. If met, they will perform a written exam followed by an oral interview. Then the board will select the new appointees.

Texas Rangers Salary, Requirements, and Job Description


Since there are so many different positions and levels, there isn’t any average salary for all Texas Rangers. But usually, when in the probationary period, the DPS Troopers get right below $60,000 on average. Trooper Level I salary is around $73,000; after 20 years, it can rise to $107,000. Although, the higher ranks earn way higher than this.


If someone wants to apply for a Texas Ranger position, they must have at least 8 years of work experience in a crime investigating law enforcement organization. They must also be at least 20 years old, a US citizen, a member of the DPS Troopers with the Trooper II rank, and have a valid driver’s license.

Job Descriptions

No matter the rank, the Texas Rangers must perform crime investigations. In addition, they deal with violent crimes, organized crimes, abductions, missing person cases, bank fraud, investigate identifying bodies, and even carry out sketch artist duties.

What Does DPS Stand for in Texas?

In Texas, DPS stands for the Texas Department of Public Safety. The initial responsibility of this Government department is to ensure the safety of the public in Texas. It has two divisions. One is vehicle safety, and the other is law enforcement.

What Division Is the Texas Rangers in?

Texas Rangers, also known as the Texan Devils, is a division itself that primarily conducts criminal investigations and similar duties. Headquartered in the capital of Texas, Austin, the agency has jurisdiction all over the states.

How Many Real Texas Rangers Are There?

Texas Ranger Division has a total of 216 employees currently. Not that much recruitment happens in the agency. At present, the number of commissioned peace officers is 150. Most of them are in their mid-forties.

When Did Texas Rangers Start?

Texas Rangers started officially on October 17, 1835. However, the concept of it began 12 years ago. In 1823, Stephen F. Austin organized a group naming them the Rangers. They would protect the 600-700 people who were the state’s first settlers.

Final Note

Like any other nation or state in the world, Texas has its own Government investigation agency known as the Texas Rangers. Their duties range all corners. To become a member here, one needs to meet many requirements and have many experiences.

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