How to Become an Interior Designer in Texas – Design Your Future

According to the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE), you must complete the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam to become an interior designer in Texas. Afterward, apply for the registration with a $100 fee and renew it annually.

About Interior Designer in Texas

How to Get an Interior Designer Job in Texas?

If you want to get an interior designer job in Texas, you must first match all the educational requirements of the NCIDQ. Afterward, you need to finish two years of internship or six months of job experience. After that, you can directly apply for the exam.

Becoming a Registered Interior Designer

If you want to become a registered interior designer in Texas, complete the exam by the NCIDQ (if you finished a two-year internship) or the TBAE (if you have 6-months of on-field experience). Once you pass all parts of the exam you take, you can be a certified interior designer.

Duties of an Interior Designer

An interior designer does several works, including but not limited to making plans for interior spaces and making sure that it maintains the building regulations. Moreover, they need to consider lots of factors, like creating easy access for wheelchair users and ensuring everyone’s safety.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Interior Design Experience?

The time it takes to get interior design experience depends on how you approach it, and there are two. You can either take a two-year internship or acquire an on-the-field experience of six months. Note that these are only the required experience, and you also need an appropriate degree beforehand.

What Are the Different Careers in Interior Designs?

A residential interior designer is the most common career option in this sector. However, you can also go for commercial interior design, kitchen, healthcare, corporate, exhibition, or lighting designer. Moreover, it is also possible to become a universal interior designer.

Is Interior Design a Good Career Choice?

Interior design is an excellent career choice because of how satisfactory and fun the overall work is. In addition, you can get the required degree quicker than other career choices. Finally, people with talents and passions in this sector can show it off.

 How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Decorator?

The cost of hiring an interior designer may vary depending on your space and the hours they put into their work. It is $2,000-$11,300 on average but may vary, depending on your state. Their hourly rate is usually from $50-$200.

Final Note

An Interior Designer is one of the most exciting jobs you can take in Texas. The new challenges and tasks they face every day are all so unique yet fun. However, you may need the necessary experience and degree to sit an exam to become a registered interior designer in Texas.

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