How to Buy a Tesla in Texas? What you Need to Know

How to Buy a Tesla in Texas?

Tesla has multiple showrooms scattered in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc. When buying a Tesla in Texas, visit any of these places. Once you decide on a vehicle, buy it online.

Afterward, the showroom manager will send the car to your nearest service center so you can take it from there.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Tesla in Texas


A Tesla Model S 2022 costs $99,990, while the Model S Plaid 2022 has a starting price of $135,990. Meanwhile, the price of Model X 2022 and Model X Plaid 2022 starts at $114,990 and $138,990 in accordance. Based on the variant, the Tesla Model 3 2022 requires $46,990-$77,650. It excludes the tax incentives and local rebates.

Charging Cost

The charging cost for Tesla Model 3 is around 4.65 cents every mile. So, you can expect to pay a total of $9.62. As for Tesla Model S, the cost can reach 3.7 cents per mile. It will be necessary to keep 9.62$-$18.29 if you want to charge the battery fully, depending on the model.


You are allowed to buy a Tesla in Texas legally. But the law does not let anyone purchase them from the showroom as a means to protect the dealership methods. So instead, unlike in many other states, you need to order it online and pick it up from your nearest service center in Texas after Tesla sends it from their California Headquarters.

Tesla Vehicle Registration

Like many other states, Tesla sends mails the necessary documents for their car registration to their customers. When registering your Tesla in Texas, expect to pay a registration fee of $200. The amount can be different in other states.


Tesla cars are pretty long-lasting, as they usually have a longevity of over 500,000 miles. So aside from malfunctions due to the lack of routine maintenance, don’t expect any problems during this time. However, at nearly 300,000 mileage, the battery may need a replacement, costing around $5,000.

Tesla Car Insurance

Normally, the insurance on Tesla or other vehicle models depends on their makes and models and some other facets. But the average insurance amount you may need to pay for your Tesla in Texas is about $4,548. Of course, your driving history and insurance coverage may affect this amount as well.

Sales Tax

The sales tax for Tesla or other vehicles in Texas is 6-1/4% of the total sales price. When it is a used vehicle, and you are giving a use tax, make sure to look at the standard presumption value and calculate the taxable value. Your sales tax or use tax can reduce because of any trade-in allowance.

Final Note

Since Texas doesn’t allow direct sales from the showroom, buyers and sellers must go through some extra steps. After getting your vehicle, register it, consider getting insurance, and provide regular maintenance to the car.

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