How to Clean Driving Record in Texas?

Points in your driving record are never good in Texas. Not only will you have to pay extra to insurance companies but also you will get in more trouble with the law.

If you are one of the many unfortunate Texas drivers, you may have a few points and records of offense in your driving record. So, is there any way to clean a driving record in Texas?

To answer that quickly, it is possible! You can go to court to get the points resolved or get enrolled in a traffic school. Moreover, the more time you spend driving without any violations, a single point is taken off your driving record yearly. More details are below:

How to Clean Driving Record in Texas

1. Applying for a Defensive Driving School Course

Getting a traffic school course can help you clean your driving record. A lot of the time, getting this course lets you apply for a dismissal of your driving offenses. Moreover, such courses get you a discount from insurance companies, fulfilling mandatory court orders, and learn to be a better driver.

The process of getting a traffic school course in Texas:

  • Getting court permission: Enrolling in a defensive driving school requires you to receive a court permit. You can apply the request for approval via mail or by going to the court. In addition, you will be required to pay the fees for the course beforehand. Usually, it costs around $30 for the course. The approval request should include proof of vehicle insurance and a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Completing the course within 90 days: After getting the permit from the court, you need to finish the defensive driving course within 90 days. Such courses must be taken from a TEA and TDLR authorized school. Texas defensive driving courses are usually only six hours long and can also be taken online!
  • Getting the certification: After successfully finishing the course, you can receive the defensive driver certificate. You have to present the certification as well as your Texas driver’s record to the court. In such a way, the court may remove violations from your driving record or dismiss a ticket.

2. Disputing in Court

If you think you have been wrongfully accused of a moving violation while driving, you can plead “not guilty.” In this case, you will have to attend the court and present your evidence to prove your innocence.

The best course of action is to hire a traffic lawyer who can help you clean your driving record. However, some do represent themselves without the help of an attorney.

3. Time

If you go without committing traffic violations for a long time, your driving record points will be removed. According to Texas DMV regulations, 1 point will be taken off your record every 12 months of orderly driving.

Regarding tickets, a conviction like that stays on your driving record for 3 years. In addition, points related to that violation stay for a similar amount of time.

How to Order Your Driver Record Online

If you wish to see how many points you have on your driver record, you can order one online. However, the official website of Texas DPS requires some essential information before sending you the driving record.

You will find the full process of getting your driver’s record via mail or online here.


Not every violation can be disputed or cleared from your driving record. Therefore, always practice safe driving. Texas defensive driving school provides admirable training to help people learn and be safer!

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