How to Cool a Warehouse in Texas?

How to Cool a Warehouse in Texas

Running a warehouse isn’t cheap. But having to spend thousands on cooling isn’t also a profitable decision. When we are talking about Texas heat, you need to consider possible ways to cool down a hot warehouse.

In this article, we will discuss the best methods to cool down a warehouse in Texas. These solutions will include cheap and expensive methods for small to large-scale warehouses. Let’s have a look:

Lowering the Temperature of a Texas Warehouse

Installing Insulated Curtain Wall: Cost Effective

Assuming you have air conditioner units installed, curtain walls can increase the cooling capacity of ACs. 

Not all area of your warehouse needs to be cooled. Therefore, separating the most important spots of your Texas warehouse with insulated curtain walls is a good idea. 

These curtains are supposed to be resistant to heat. As a result, they do not let the cool air escape while not letting in the hot air.

During Texas summers, when the temperature gets around 90 degrees, these curtain walls can cool your warehouse cheaply!

Portable ACs: Cost-Effective Alternative to Big AC

Air conditioning is a must for warehouses. But investing in large ACs can be hard for new Texas businesses. The substitute for a large air conditioning system could be portable ACs. 

Portable air conditioning units do spot cooling. Therefore, install them only in areas that require cooling. Then separate the rest of the areas with some type of insulation. This method can keep your warehouse workers cool as well!

Getting Rid of Warehouse Humidity in Texas Heat 

As Texas heat can be amplified by humidity, it’s essential to keep it under control. Here are some possible ways to lower the humidity and cool down a hot warehouse.

HVLS Fans: Solution for Large Warehouses

Ensuring proper airflow can lower the warehouse temperature as well as maintain the humidity level. However, you do not need high-speed fans for the job. 

Warehouses in Texas utilize High-Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans for proper airflow. The humidity level can increase without airflow, even if you air-condition your warehouse. Moreover, better airflow can help get rid of the heat inside your warehouse.

Big HVLS fans ensure proper airflow of up to 20,000 sq. ft. area. Moreover, they lower the temperature by 7 degrees! As a result, HVLS can provide the best airflow in a warehouse during Texas heat.

Portable Fans: Cheap Alternative to HVLS

If you can’t invest a big amount in HVLS fans, you can still get portable fans for your warehouse in Texas. The best method would be combining portable fans with insulation (curtain walls) for better results. Moreover, it’s an overall good option for smaller Texas warehouses.

Dehumidifiers: Suitable for Humid Areas

Warehouses in humid places like Brownsville, Houston, Port Arthur, etc., can benefit from dehumidifiers. Note that if you are in a dryer area of Texas, you do not need to install a dehumidifier.

There are air conditioning units with built-in humidifiers. You can get those to be more cost-effective.

JetVent AirMover – Warehouse Cooling Fan (Video)


There are many ways to cool down a hot warehouse in Texas. Some are costly, and others can save you some bucks. Consider your budget and the size of your warehouse before making any plans!

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