How to Dispose of Old License Plates in Texas?

How to Dispose of Old License Plates in Texas?

You can schedule an appointment with the DMV or simply wait in line to return your old license plate in Texas. Alternatively, you can sell them at a reasonable price if the plate is rare or vintage.

You also have the option of recycling it at any recycling center.

Other Factors Regarding License Plates in Texas

Surrendering Old License Plates

You don’t have to surrender your old license plate in Texas. It is true your local DMV may want you to do it as it helps them understand that you are not the owner of the vehicle anymore. They can ensure that the plate is destroyed or not in use anymore. But they won’t restrict your license if you don’t do it.

Old License Plate Decals

If you have chosen any other option other than returning the license plate to the DMV, you should remove the monthly and yearly decals. You don’t want someone to get hold of them, use them to do crimes, and get cops to think it’s you doing them.

Vintage License Plate Dealers

You can find sellers and dealers of vintage, rare, or any license plate that is out of the ordinary. In addition, various websites showcase lots of license plates of different categories in Texas and other states for you to purchase.

Disposing of Your License Plates in the Different States


You are not required to return the license plate in the state of Illinois. However, you can still surrender it to your IL DMV office. It is also a plausible option to sell them to others interested or recycle them. Be sure to tear and destroy any registration or other stickers beforehand.


You can return your old license plate in Florida to the DMV in person or via mailing. Florida plates fetch a high price, so you have that option too. Finally, you can also recycle your old license plate to Florida Highlands Recycling or Miami-Dade Country Recycling or keep it to yourself.


If you are transferring your car in Ohio, you are required to send your old license plate to the DMV office via mailing. You have the option of selling or recycling them if the DMV allows you to keep them or you are just getting rid of your old vehicle.

New York

You must surrender your old license plate in New York if your insurance coverage is near its end or if you are registering your vehicle in a different state. You can mail it in an envelope. You must fill out a PD-7 during the process.

Washington DC

In Washington DC, You must return your license plate or cancel the state registration if you are moving out of the state, getting rid of your vehicle, have lost your registration tag or got it worn out, or replacing the tag.

Final Note

When registering your vehicle to a new state, getting rid of one, or getting a new license plate, many wonder what to do with the old one. Depending on your state, you either must surrender it, or it can be optional. Recycle, upcycle, or sell it in that case.

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