How to Dress Like a Texas Woman?

Nowadays, there is no particular dress code in State for men or women. But if you want to dress like traditional Texan women, try button-down shirts, blue-colored bootcut denim jeans or shorts, western hats, and cowboy boots. Also, you may want to go for low ponytails or braids for your hair.

How to Dress Like a Texas Woman

What is Texan Men’s Clothing

If you want to get that traditional Texan vibe in your clothing, go for a cowboy style. Get dark dress jeans, western-styled leather hats, cotton-made undershirts (to tackle the heat in Texas), Guayabera button-down cotton shirts, pairs of work boots and western-style boots, and a custom-tailored suit.

Kinds of Hats Cowboys in Texas Wear

Among different hat types, Texans cowboys wear beaver blend felt hats in the frigid temperatures and straw hats under the scorching sun. When wearing a western-style cowboy hat, make sure to wear it right. The little bow inside the hat indicates its backside.

What Kinds of Jeans do Cowboys in Texas Wear?

Whether it is the heat or chilly breeze outside, a pair of denim jeans help the Texan cowboys deal with ’em all. Slide the jean over your boots and not inside them. Wrangler is one of the most popular brands of denim jeans in Texas. For colors, both blue and black work.

Why Do They Wear Blue Jeans in Texas?

Back in the 1860s, blue jeans were popular among cattlemen, farmers, miners, and other workers. Later, it was brought everywhere in Texas and other states because of its fashionable looks. These jeans are the perfect cover to deal with the northers in Texas.

What Kinds of Clothing Do They Wear in West Texas?

West Texans dress in blue jeans, shirts that use snaps rather than buttons, and pointy leather boots. You may notice that they wear their shirts tucked. In addition, they wear bolero ties with their strings secured with a cabochon.

Did Texas Pass Strict Dress Codes for Women?

It was claimed in an article that Texas instituted a new strict dress code for women. However, this article in New Yorker magazine written by Andy Borowitz is nothing but a satirical statement. He made such fictional articles in the past too. So, there is no need to worry about it.


Texas has some of the most fashionable clothing trends in the world. Their women and men usually wear traditional western-style denim jeans, shirts, hats, leather boots, belts, and often bandanas. It is not that difficult to dress like a Texan.

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