How to Find Mugshots in Texas – Free Background Check?

When getting a new employee or a resident in an apartment, people often search up their criminal records. In Texas, county jail mugshots are accessible by the public.

So, how can one find mugshots of people by their name or other information? Well, it is pretty easy due to the internet and easy access to county jail information. You’ll find a thorough guide below

Finding Mugshots For Free in Texas

You can easily access Texas county jail mugshots by visiting the county’s official website. Moreover, there are other options available. Such as:

This site offers a database of mugshots. It covers all of Texas. To search for a mugshot, you just have to type in a person’s first and last name. If they have been jailed, a mugshot will be available.

Inmate Search offers mugshot record search in Texas state. Similar to the previous site, you need to provide the correct first and last name of a person to find their mugshot. Another thing about this website is that you can pick any Texas county to make your search more focused.

Official County Websites

Searching mugshots from official county websites can be easier if you lack information. Therefore, if you only have the first or the last name of a person, you can conduct your search. Even without a name, finding a mugshot could be possible. You can easily search for busted mugshots on the official websites of Austin, Tom Green County, Harris County, etc.

County Jails

County jails store physical copies of mugshots. Therefore, any citizen can search for mugshots in county jail as they are public information.

How Do I Look Up Someone’s Criminal Record in Texas?

As criminal records are public information in the state of Texas, you can get access to them. Fortunately, you can do it free by searching on specific online websites. State Records offer you to search criminal records from an online database. All you have to do is provide the first and last name of the person and the name of the city.

Criminal records can also include mugshots. Moreover, they tend to have detailed information about the crime committed by the person. The Public Safety Department of Texas also allows you to search criminal records online.

Final Words

As you can see, finding mugshots is very easy in the US including in Texas. Moreover, information such as criminal records, court records, etc., can also be accessed by the public. A simple Google search of “mugshots in [insert county name here]” can also provide you with the right website list.

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