How to Fix Wrong Mileage on Title Texas?

How to Fix Wrong Mileage on Title Texas

Having a wrong odometer reading on your car is not a great situation. If you try to sell your car with a mileage discrepancy, you can be legally in trouble. Moreover, odometer issues also drop the price of a vehicle. Therefore, you may have to resell at a significantly lower cost.

That’s why you need to fix the mileage title mistake as soon as possible. Follow the guide here to fix a wrong mileage on title in Texas:

Tips Fixing a Mileage Discrepancy in Texas

If there is a mistake with the title not having the actual mileage, you can try fixing it from the DMV. However, you need to get a statement from the person you bought the car from.

Visit the nearby DMV in your county and explain to them what could be wrong. They will then request a signed statement from you and the seller of the car. There should be a reason provided for the excessive or except mileage on the title in that statement.

The document could look like this.

After getting the statement, the DMV will be able to fix your car’s title. So that’s how you can fix a mistake on your car title when selling in Texas!

Selling a Car with Mileage Discrepancy

If you tamper with the odometer and try to sell your vehicle, you could face legal trouble that includes jail time. On the other hand, if you are not aware of the mileage title issue and it shows a bad score, the car’s appraisal would be low. As a result, you may have to sell the car at a significantly low price. A wrong odometer reading on inspection can also discourage people from buying your car.

I Bought a Car with Wrong Mileage”

If you suspect that your car’s title had the wrong mileage after purchasing it, report it to DMV as soon as possible. Depending on if it was a mistake or a fraud, the DMV will suggest your following actions. Always make sure the title reading is correct when making a purchase.

Can You Sell a Car with Incorrect Mileage?

Selling a car with incorrect mileage can be counted as odometer fraud. As a result, if a wrong odometer reading is detected upon inspection, you wouldn’t be able to sell the car.

You will have to get this issue fixed with the DMV in Texas. Then, you can legally transfer the ownership of the car.

What Happens If There Is a Mileage Discrepancy?

Mileage discrepancy in Texas can lead to the following situations:

  • You won’t be able to sell the car.
  • The vehicle’s appraisal would be low.
  • Buyers would be uninterested in getting your vehicle.
  • You may get into legal trouble if you have tampered with the odometer yourself.

Final Words

If the seller you bought the car from does not help you fix the odometer issue, you may have to deal with a complicated situation. In that case, you may need to talk to the DMV for suggestions or get a lawyer’s advice.

In summary, always make sure the car’s title is right when purchasing. Also, whenever getting a vehicle from abroad, be extra careful of wrong odometer reading due to the metric system.

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