How to Get out of a Teaching Contract in Texas?

How to Get out of a Teaching Contract in Texas

As a teacher, you can break out of a teaching contract in Texas 45 days before the initial instruction day in case you have contracted for the following year. Otherwise, you may need to contact your principal.

The school district should help you here. However, resigning without a good cause is not ideal here.

Things to Know About Teaching Contracts in Texas

When You Can Resign from Your Teaching Contract

In Texas, you can resign from your teaching contract at most 45 days prior to the initial day of introduction of the year you contracted for. However, getting out of the contract afterward without a reasonable cause may lead the school district to suspend your teaching certificate for a year.

Getting Out of a Teaching Contract

It is best if you can show the school district reasonable causes to get out of a teaching contract in Texas. For example, it can be a family problem, medical emergency, or natural disaster. Overall, resigning for a better job or such may put you in a bad light in the district.

Different Types of Teacher Contracts in Texas

In Texas, there are three types of teacher contracts. Firstly, the continuing contract doesn’t have any timeframe and exists until the teacher resigns. Next, the term contract has a specific timeframe of one year or two. Finally, the probationary contract is usually for an inexperienced teacher that can continue for one to four years.

Terminating a Teacher During Their Contract

Whether a school district can terminate a teacher while their contract is current depends on the codes set by the state laws. It usually is set after the contract is renewed. And it can be anything, like if the teacher misbehaves with a student.

What Is the Starting Salary for a Teacher in Texas?

The starting salary for a teacher in Texas can be as high as $55,000. However, it usually depends on the teacher’s experience, certifications, and education. Anyway, Texas is one of the highest-paying states in the USA when it comes to teaching.

How and Why to Become a Teacher in Texas?

If not for passion, the high salary can be a reasonable cause for someone to become a teacher in Texas. However, to get a teaching certificate in Texas, one needs to contain at least a bachelor’s degree and finish an educator preparation program within the state.

How to Get a Teaching Certificate in Texas? (video)

Final Note

Teaching is a great job as a teacher can meet many passionate youngsters soon to be the state’s future. The high pay also drives many to the job. But going for a job with a higher salary and breaking one’s contract during its continuation is not ideal for one’s teaching career.

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