How to Go Crabbing in Texas?

Crabbing is allowed in Texas almost throughout its entire southern parts. The main place to go crabbing in Texas is the Gulf of Mexico. If you want to do it, there are many ways. While most do it on the shore, many also go on the open water by boat.

Aside from the above two methods, you can also catch crabs in the docks, jetties, or piers. Texas gives you many opportunities for crabbing. Let’s discuss the topic more in-depth in the article below.

How to Go Crabbing in Texas

Crabbing Laws in Texas

Can You Catch Crabs in Texas?

You can catch crabs in Texas, but you need to follow the rules and regulations related to it. First and foremost, if you are not acquiring the crabs for commercial reasons, you need a valid fishing license. In addition, a saltwater fishing endorsement is necessary. With both, you can catch crabs by almost any method (in public waters), including traps. But there are some limitations still.

The minimum length for a crab to catch is 5”. No female with an open abdomen, egg-bearing, or both can catch crabs. There are no limitations on the season or daily catching limit, though.

Is It Illegal to Place a Crab Trap in the Ocean?

Between February 17 and 26, 2023, placing a crab trap or any part in the ocean or any part of the coastal water is illegal. You can still take them for food or baits. The timing often changes every year.

However, if you are taking them, you still need the fishing license and saltwater fishing endorsement. In addition, there are limitations on how many different crab species you can possess and such.

Crabbing in Galveston County

Among many places in Texas, Galveston County is one great spot for crabbing. If you are visiting or live here and want to catch crabs, you can find many locations to do so. But the main places to go in Galveston County to go crabbing are Pointe West and Crab Lake.

Both places have good accommodations for tourists and visitors and long shorelines for people to enjoy and catch some crabs while at it.

Crabbing in the Gulf of Mexico

The whole Gulf of Mexico is suitable for crabbing in Texas. Wherever in this area you want, you can catch crabs of all types and sizes.

Catching Blue Crabs in Texas

Because of their habit of eating almost anything in their natural habitat, it is pretty easier to catch blue crabs. You can catch blue crabs in Rockport, Crab Lake, or Pointe West in Texas. Their usual diets are small fishes, sea worms, and mollusks.

But if you want to catch blue crabs, you need to set the trap at the bottom since that is where they reside.

How Often Do You Catch Crabs in Texas?

According to professionals, the best time to catch crabs in Texas is between the Spring and the Fall. It is so because the water stays 70° F at this time of the year. But usually, it is legal to catch crabs almost all year round in the state. However, every year, there is a short period between the end of February and the start of March when placing crab traps is illegal in Texas.

How to Catch Crabs – Blue Crab Crabbing Tips (Video)

Final Note

Crabbing is fun, beneficial, and an excellent pastime. The act is legal in Texas whether you do it as a hobby or a professional. The best place in the state to go crabbing is the Gulf of Mexico. It offers ample room for lots of visitors to catch crabs by any means. First, however, be sure to learn and follow the laws related to the process.

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