How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard in Texas?

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard in Texas

As much as you may not like to hear it, snakes are a problem in Texas. The central part of Texas has the most snakes, but you can encounter a venomous one anywhere in the state.

Having snakes in your backyard can lead to lethal bites from venomous species. As a result, you should try to keep snakes out of the yard by maintaining the following measurements:

How to Snake Proof Your Yard in Texas

· Mow Hing and Cleaning

Long grass can be perfect for snakes to hide. Regularly mowing your lawn will keep the grasses short. As a result, snakes will not likely roam around the area as they do not want to expose themselves to other predators.

Moreover, you should also keep the yard free of unnecessary items and garbages. Any small area with shade can provide snakes with the perfect place to hide.

Lastly, make sure the trees in your backyard do not have branches too near to the ground. Keep trimming the branches to avoid snakes taking shelter on the tree if they do.

· Fencing

If you continuously have had snake problems, fencing may be the right solution. Use fences that do not have any gap in between and do not allow a snake to climb over.

· Sealing Cracks

Find any cracks around the home? Seal them as soon as possible. It will not only prevent snakes but also make sure insects and other creatures stay away!

· Don’t Leave Food Residue on the Ground

Food attracts rats, and rats bring snakes. Make sure there are no crumbs of food on the ground. Make a habit of feeding your pets indoors so that the yard does not have any residue remaining.

Do Mothballs Keep Snakes Away?

There is a common myth that mothballs can keep your yard snake-proof. It is untrue, and mothballs can be toxic to humans and dogs. Similar to mothballs, methods like sulfur, ceramic eggs, snake repellant, and sticky glue traps do not work.

When Are Snakes Most Active in Texas?

Just like most places, snakes are most active in Texas during the fall. So, you can expect snakes to come out in these months:

  • September
  • October
  • November

Texas rat snake is the most common snake in the state and is not dangerous to people. However, some people may discover venomous snakes in their backyard as well. Therefore, it’s always important to take caution.


Most snake repellants in the market may not work. Therefore, snake-proofing your yard is very important before the fall season. Contact your local reptile services for more information and help with the process.

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