How to Make a Texas Twister Drink? Tips and Tricks

How to Make a Texas Twister Drink

Juice the washed lemon, oranges, and lime (5 of each) and blend for 30 seconds on high with cherry syrup, sugar, and grenadine. Put some ice in a pitcher first and then the mixture in it and stir.

Cut one fruit of each into 12 pieces and put each wedge in a glass. Add maraschino cherry on the bottom and serve.

How to Make Texas Tornado Drink?

Collect 1oz of tequila, whiskey, rum, and vodka each, put them in a Collins glass, and stir. Next, add one tablespoon of granulated sugar, and stir lightly. Finally, put three ice cubes and 2oz of cola and stir three times. You can serve it now with a straw.

What is Texas Tea Cocktail?

Texas Tea Cocktail is a type of Long Island Iced Tea. But this one contains a bourbon shot. While it is pretty easy to make, it is also easy to turn it extra strong. It features many different liquors and may require you to be extra careful when making it.

Drinking a Tornado Without Getting Drunk

Since Tornado Drink contains different liquor, it is not hard to get drunk. The easy way to avoid that is by not filling the entire glass. Note that the drink is not popular for its taste but for its look and novelty. So, only drink as much as it takes for you to enjoy the visual effects.

What Is the Most Popular Cocktail in Texas?

A lot of people believe that the Paloma is the most popular cocktail in Texas. You can make it easier. First, mix some grapefruit, agave, lime fruit, and water and leave it for a while. Afterward, keep it in the fridge for an hour and add tequila and salt to it. Finally, serve with ice.

What Happens If You Drink Too Much Texas Tea?

Texas Tea is pretty easy to turn strong, and even drinking it a little too much can make you pretty drunk, or at least drunker than you wanted. So to avoid that unpleasant hangover experience, control the amount of Texas Tea you are drinking.

Why Is It Called Bucking Horse?

The mixture of lemon juice and ginger ale was called a Horse’s Neck. As it seems, it is nonalcoholic. However, when one added a whiskey shot to it, the horse got a kick. As a result, people called it the Bucking Horse.

Texas Twist to Classic Cocktails You Have to Try (video)

Final Note

Texas has some of the most excellent drinks like the twister drink, Tornado, or Texas Tea. They are not that hard to prepare either. Although, some of them may be more for their look than taste. While the Texas Tea can make you drunk easily, the twister drink is a refreshing nonalcoholic drink.

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