How to Order Texas Roadhouse Rolls Online?

You can easily order Texas roadhouse rolls online. However, the steakhouse does not offer home delivery services. As a result, you have to get the rolls yourself from a nearby Roadhouse steakhouse after ordering.

Here, we will provide details on how to buy the legendary Texas Roadhouse rolls online:

How to Order Texas Roadhouse Rolls Online

How to Order Texas Roadhouse Rolls

You can order your favorite rolls from Texas Roadhouse online from their official website or mobile app. They offer both ½ dozen and 1 dozen options. Alongside the rolls, you can either pick regular butter or honey cinnamon butter.

The ½ dozen rolls option costs $2.49, while the 1 dozen option comes at $4.99 (prices can change).


  • Go to from any browser on any device you want!
  • Click on the “ORDER NOW” or “ORDER TO-GO” button.
  • Allow the browser to use your location on the next page or provide your location under “Search Locations.”
  • Pick your preferred pick-up point and time from provided selections.
  • You will find the Texas Roadhouse menu on the next page.
  • Go to “SIDES & EXTRAS” on the menu page and pick “EXTRA FRESH-BAKED BREAD.”
  • Pick your preferred order size from ½ dozen and 1 dozen options and your favorite butter.
  • Click on “ADD TO ORDER.”
  • Now, click on your cart on the top right of the screen and check out by completing the payment!

Ordering from Texas Roadhouse App

Texas Roadhouse has an app for both Apple and Android mobile devices. You can also order from those easily by following these steps:

  • Get the Texas Roadhouse App.
  • Sign up or continue as a guest.
  • Search the location or allow the app to use your phone’s location.
  • Pick the nearest Texas Roadhouse spot and the time of pick-up.
  • Follow the previous steps to complete your order!

How Much Are Texas Roadhouse Rolls a Dozen?

A dozen of Texas Roadhouse rolls cost $4.99. The rolls come with regular butter or honey cinnamon butter. You can also pick half a dozen options for $2.49.

How Texas Roadhouse Rolls are Made?

What makes Texas Roadhouse Rolls so good is that they are freshly made all day long by the bakers. Therefore, you are getting rolls baked just a little bit ago. Their flour mixture results in a sweet and soft dough. Topping with butter gives it the Texas Roadhouse taste.

According to Texas Roadhouse, their bread is made every five minutes and is always served at every table. 

Does Texas Roadhouse Sell Frozen Rolls?

Texas Roadhouse does not sell frozen rolls all the time. You may have to wait for thanksgiving or other events when the restaurant does plan on selling their frozen rolls. 

If you can get your hands on the frozen rolls, the best way to cook them is in an oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Ensure that the rolls are at room temperature before you put them inside the oven. Moreover, if you wrap your Texas Roadhouse Rolls with plastic, they can last up to five days. By storing leftover rolls with this method, you can enjoy them for several days without buying frozen ones.

Final Note

Texas Roadhouse does not sell frozen rolls. However, many places offer frozen rolls that have a similar taste compared to Roadhouse bread. You can try them out if you are searching for frozen options. Moreover, there are Thanksgiving and many offers available at specific times of the year on Texas Roadhouse. Don’t forget to miss those when you are ordering!

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