How to Register a Trailer Without Title in Texas?

How to Register a Trailer Without Title in Texas?

If you own a Trailer in Texas, it must be registered. Once you do so, you can stop worrying about getting into any issue with the law later. Registering a trailer with a title in the state is possible if it matches some criteria.

To register a trailer without a title in Texas, it must be one of the following- farm trailers weighing below 34,000 pounds, manufactured trailers, and homemade trailers weighing below 4,000 pounds. If it exceeds those limits, it must be titled to a county tax office along with registering.

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Titling Your Trailer

Suppose you want to title or register your trailer in Texas. In that case, you need to bring the following to a county tax office- ownership proof, application form, trailer verification statement, weigh certificate, driver’s license/photo identification, evidence of current inspection, and the required amount of fee.

Selling a Trailer without a Title

Unless the trailer falls into the categories that don’t require a title/registering, you need to title it before selling. It is best to use a bill of sale document when selling or buying a trailer to avoid further issues with the transaction or the other party.

Utility Trailers

All utility trailers require a title and registration to be legal on the road in Texas. You can title it in the country tax office and register from your local DMV office. The overall process may vary a little, depending on the area.

Registering Process of a Trailer in Texas without Title

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering your trailer in Texas-

  • The first step to do it is to complete the application form online. It will allow you to select whether you are registering the trailer only or want to title it simultaneously.
  • Once you fill out the form, print it out.
  • Go to the county tax office with the filled form and the following-
  • Any valid evidence of ownership (Bill of sale, for example).
  • Weight certificate (for out-of-state trailers).
  • Driver’s license.
  • Evidence of latest inspection. It is required if the trailer is over 7,500 pounds (except farm trailers). You can inspect your trailer at any local inspection office.
  • Required fees. It varies from county to county. So, contact yours to know about the amount beforehand.

Once you bring them to the county tax office, they will handle the rest. They may also ask you some questions regarding the trailer and other relevant stuff.

For more information, check out the Texas DMV website.

When Do You Need to Title and Register Your Trailer?

You have thirty days to title and register a trailer in most states after buying it. Note that it is not similar in every country, and some have different laws regarding this. Check your state and local laws to learn about the topic properly.

Can You Title a Salvage Vehicle in Texas?

If you want to get a salvage title in Texas, you can go for it without having your trailer inspected. However, you can get a rebuilt title if you have already rebuilt the trailer. But now that you have rebuilt it, it will be inspected by the DPS.

Final Note

Are you wondering whether you can title a trailer in Texas? It totally depends on the weight and category of trailer you have. If the trailer from a particular type exceeds a specific weight limit, the state requires you to title it.

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