How to Remove Restriction B on Driver License Texas?

How to Remove Restriction B on Driver License Texas

Restriction B in Texas is an interim restriction that aims to decrease child accidents related to driving. Hence, a fully licensed person must stay in the front passenger seat while you are driving.

If one wants to remove restriction B, they will have to pass the driving test and get their proper driving license.

Other Restrictions on Texas Driving License

Restriction A

Restriction A in Texas driving license means the individual failed an eye test and is required to wear corrective lenses when they are driving or in the driver’s seat. To remove this restriction A, the person needs to pass the vision test with an acuity level of 20/40.

Restriction C

The restriction C on a license in Texas is the daytime-only restriction. It indicates that the individual with this restriction can only drive under daylight. It is connected to the driver’s visual acuity not being up to the task or failing the eye test.

Restriction D

In Texas, having a Restriction D means that you cannot exceed a speed limit of 45 mph on the road. There can be several reasons behind this restriction. First, it can be because of breaking any traffic rule or other issues.

Restriction O

The O restriction on Texas driving license can mean that the person with the restriction has finished his driving exams and passed them but doesn’t have enough experience or skill to drive a tractor-trailer or semi-trailer. So, he is not allowed to drive them until completing the skill test on these vehicles.

Is There Any Restriction on Driving in Texas?

There are various driving restrictions in Texas that they can issue on people when appropriate. For example, someone who didn’t pass the eye test with the required result may get the B restriction. Although, none of them are too concerning, and you may never get any of them.

What Does the E Restriction on My License Mean?

According to Texas laws, the E restriction on your license indicates that you are now allowed to drive a vehicle in manual transmission. Only automatic transmission is permitted. Having this restriction is not pleasing, but there are ways to lift it.

What Is a Restricted or Hardship License?

A restricted or hardship license means that one can drive their vehicle usually but only for 12 hours a day. The hours are adjusted depending on the work schedule of the person. For example, if you get a hardship license from 7 am to 7 pm, you can only drive between that timeframe.

Final Note

Getting a driving license restriction can ruin the mood. But know that the Govt issue this restriction for the safety of everything, which also includes you. So, follow the restriction rules. Then, if and when possible, try to lift the restriction using legal methods.

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