Top 5 Liberal Cities in Texas You Need To Know

Most Liberal Cities in Texas

Since 1990, Texas has remained the most conservative state in the union. However, there are a few cities in the states that are more liberal and have the majority of the population voting democrats. Here are some of the most liberal Texas cities:

1. Austin

Austin .. city in texas

Austin is the capital city of Texas and is a part of Travis County. Even though Texas is a conservative-leaning state, Austin remains strongly liberal. More than 70% of the population of Travis County voted Democrat last election. The County has been liberal since the 2000 election. Do you want to know more about Austin? check out Does Austin Texas Get Tornadoes?

2. El Paso

el palso texas

The southwestern city El Paso has over 678,000 people and is the sixth biggest city in Texas. 81% of the population of the city consists of Hispanic people. In the last election, 66.7% of the population of El Paso County voted democrat. It has been a liberal city since 2000.

3. Dallas


Dallas, the northeastern Texas city, has over 1.3 million people residing who enjoy its diverse economy and the true culture of Texas. Dallas can be considered as liberal as El Paso! The county’s 64.9% people voted democrat last election while only 33.3% of the voters were for the Republican Party.

4. San Antonio


Stated in south-central Texas, San Antonio is a large city with a good economy and a great downtown area. The city is somewhat liberal as 58% of the population votes democrat. Some of the downsides of living in San Antonio are the heat and a relatively higher number of crimes.

5. Houston

Houston texas

Houston is known for its humid hot weather and low cost of living. The city houses over 2.31 million people with a $45,728 median income rate. So, is Houston liberal or conservative? It is a moderately liberal state with 55.9% of the voters being democrat.

More About Texas:

Is Austin Texas an LGBT-friendly city?

Austin is known to be one of the best cities in the US for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people. According to NerdWallet’s report, Austin ranks as the seventh-best LGBT-friendly state.

Which Texas City is the most racially diverse?

According to WalletHub, Houston is America’s 40th most racially diverse city. Moreover, Dallas and San Antonio are also very diverse cities in Texas.

Final Note

Although Texas may seem very conservative compared to states like California, there are cities similar to the ones we mentioned that are leaning towards the left. If you consider yourself a liberal or progressive, these cities would be the best places to stay!

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