Is Binance US Available in Texas? Things to know About Binance

is binance us available in texas

No, Binance US is not available in Texas since the platform is illegal in the state. Not only Texas, but some other US states like Georgia, New York, Florida, Hawaii do not allow it either. Although, many citizens of these states still use Binance US by installing VPN on their devices.

The Legality of Binance

Binance is actually legal in almost all states in the USA. However, the platform uses a different website for their customers in this nation. Known as Binance US, the service is illegal in some states, including Texas, Connecticut, New York, Idaho, Hawaii, etc.

Whether Binance Work in Texas

Binance does not work in Texas anymore. It used to be legal in the past. However, as of March 2021, state law has illegalized this platform. As a result, no citizen in Texas can legally exchange or store their cryptocurrency unless they use illicit methods like using VPN.

Binance Mobile App

Aside from its different websites, Binance also has a mobile app. It makes it easier for many people to use the service faster. In the last month of 2020, the app was updated by Binance US to add some useful features like live price tracking.

Is There a Binance Support Phone Number?

There is no support phone number so far in Binance. However, if you have any issues or questions, you can contact them from their customer support section. Their response time is generally around a day. You have to submit your demand, and they will get to you.

Is Binance the Best Cryptocurrency Trading App?

Best is a subjective term. But in terms of popularity, Binance scores pretty high in the cryptocurrency market. The platform is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange even after starting its journey in 2017. It has excellent transparency, liquidity, and many helpful features.

Is Your Binance Email Address Legit or Scam?

Any legitimate sender from Binance will have the domain name of the platform at the end of their email address. So, if it is absent, know that the sender is a fraud. In cases like this, you can contact the Binance support center for proper instruction on what to do.

Final Note

If you are into cryptocurrency, we suggest using Binance, as it has lots of features to help its customers. Even after experiencing a hack, the platform has strengthened its security, and there is two-factor verification too. It is unfortunate that customers from Texas cannot legally use it now.

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