Is It Illegal to Dumpster Dive in Texas?

Dumpstar diving in texas

In most parts of Texas, Dumpster diving is illegal! Dumpster diving involves getting into private properties. Stealing from private properties is punishable by law. If you continue to dumpster dive after being told to stop, you can be arrested.

Dumpster Diving in Texas

In most cities of Texas, dumpster diving is illegal. Taking trash from private property can be considered theft or trespassing or both. Most cities also do not allow dumpster diving in public areas except places like Houston and Longview Texas. Therefore, if you want to know if dumpster diving is real in Texas, the short answer would be “no.”

Dumpster Diving Laws in Texas Cities

Houston, Texas

The answer to what happens when anyone dumpster dives in Houston Texas is a bit complicated. In 2013, Houston Texas passed an amendment for the allowance of garbage searches from public places. It was done when a homeless person was arrested for trying to find food from a dumpster. However, trespassing while dumpster diving may be a solid reason for the arrest.

Austin, Texas

It is not legal to dumpster dive in Austin Texas. Getting into a private property in the city of Austin and getting trashes can be a solid reason for the arrest. If someone is being told to stop and still continue to search trash from a dumpster they can be taken away by the law!

Longview, Texas

According to the Longview Police Department, if you are following the rules, it is legal to dumpster dive in Longview Texas. Therefore, one cannot dumpster dive in private places.

Getting Caught Dumpster Diving in Texas

What happens when you are caught while dumpster diving in Texas? If you trespass into private property for dumpster diving in Texas, you can be arrested. Moreover, an arrest can happen if the dumpster is situated inside an area with a “No Trespassing” sign or beside a building.

Can You Dumpster Dive at Walmart?

Walmart generates a lot of waste. Even though they throw a lot of fresh foods and items out, they do not allow people to dumpster dive. If someone is dumpster diving at a Walmart and does not stop even after being called to stop, they can be arrested.

Can Someone Dumpster Dive In Public Property in Texas?

Dumpster diving on private property is illegal. However, in public places, there are still complications if someone decides to search a dumpster for valuable goods or food. In most cities, you can be questioned by the police or receive a warning if you dumpster dives in public areas.

Final Note

Dumpster diving is finding valuable goods or food done mostly by people who are in need. However, the legality of such an act is scarce. Check your state’s or city’s laws before dumpster diving.

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