Is Texas on the East Coast? What You Need To Know

Is Texas on the East Coast

Normally people think Texas is on the east coast due to its coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. But according to the US Census Bureau, the state is in the southern region of the USA. Meanwhile, it follows more culture of the western part than the eastern.

Other Relevant Geographical Information

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol is around halfway within both the west and east coast. It is the government seat and capitol of Texas, situated in Austin. It displays an epic design and beautiful structure, which is the work of Elijah E. Myers back in 1881.

The East Coast of the USA

The east coast of the United States is where the eastern part of the nation meets the North Atlantic Ocean. It has other names, including Atlantic Coast or Eastern Seaboard. There are 16 states in the east coast region.

Coastline of Texas

Texas has a coastline length of around 350 miles. As you can see, that is not a short coastline. It was the reason behind a large number of coastal cities in the state. Aside from notable places like Corpus Christi, Galveston, and South Padre Island, there are many villages in the areas too.

Coastal Towns

Whether you are a wildlife lover or an outdoor activities enthusiast, South Padre Island is one of the best coastal towns in Texas. Aside from that, you can also visit Port Aransas if you enjoy fishing and Seabrook for its peaceful, tranquility, and solitary atmosphere.

Texas Gulf Coast

The Texas Gulf Coast is renowned for its wildlife and scenic wonders. It also attracts tourists for the aquatic creatures, the long 350 miles coastline, and space program. It is a wondrous place to spend with family and friends and have some thrilling and memorable experiences.

Is Texas Closer to the East or West Coast?

Texas is a wide state, and it confuses many whether it is in the east or west coastal area. Most geographers agree that it is closer to the east coast than the west. Well, geographically, that is. Its cultures are more related to the western sides.

Final Note

The geography of Texas is interesting. Whether it is on the east or west coast is a question that people still argue about. But thankfully, the citizens there can experience the beauty and wonder of both parts of the USA. Being a large state, the culture in the El Paso point can differ from areas like Galveston.

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