Is Texas the Largest State in the US?

Is Texas the Largest State in the US

In turns of landmass, Texas is the second-largest state in the USA. The number one spot is occupied by Alaska, with an area of 665,384.04 mi2. Meanwhile, the total landmass of Texas is 268,596 mi2, which is less than half of Alaska.

States in the US by Different Stats

The Largest State

The largest state in the USA is Alaska, with a total landmass of 665,384 sq mi. It is really higher than second place, Texas, and the third, California. Not only that, but Alaska also is the largest in total sea area and land area.

The Smallest State

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US. It contains a total area of only 1,544.89 sq mi. Apparently, it fits in Alaska, the biggest state, more than 420 times. The sea area of Rhode Island is 511.07 sq mi.

The Longest Coastline

Once more, Alaska takes the cake by having the longest coastline among all the states in the USA. Its coastline stretches for a surprising 6,640 mi. That makes Florida the second spot with 1,350 mi of coastline. In fact, Alaska’s coastline is even longer than all other US state coastlines combined.

The Shortest Coastline

There are 30 US states that contain any form of coastline, whether long or so short. Among them, Indiana has a coastline of only 45 mi, making it the smallest in the US. 15-miles of its shoreline is part of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

State with the Highest Population

California is the most populated in the USA. As of the US census bureau, the population of the state is 39,538,223. A reminder that California is also the third biggest state. As a result, the population density is not as high as you may think.

State with the Lowest Population

Wyoming has the lowest population in the USA, with a population of 578,759. Around 83.7% among them are white, 1.3% are African American, 2.7% are Native American, 10.1% are Hispanic, and 1.1% are Asian. Most think that the reason behind this low population of Wyoming is its landscape.

State with the Most Counties

Texas has 254 counties, making it the highest number of counties in a state. We should remind you that the national average is only 62. So, Texas is over 4-times higher than the average. Georgia has taken second place with 159.

State with the Least Counties

Delaware has the least number of counties in the United States. It contains a total of three counties. They are Kent at the center, New Castle at the north, and Sussex at the south. The state has an area of 494 sq mi. Around 162,310 citizens live in Delaware.

Final Note

The USA has a total of 50 states. They have widely vivid culture, geography, and nature. Apparently, Texas is the second-largest in landmass and has the second-highest population. The state has a pretty long coastline (367 mi) on its easter part.

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