License Plate Light Law Texas – What you Need To Know

license plate light law texas

According to Texas law, a license plate must have enough light so that a law enforcement officer can read it from 50 feet behind. The front plates have to be well-lit too. Even if there is light but not bright enough, the driver may get a ticket.

Vehicle Light and License Plate Laws in Texas

Rear License Plate

Aside from the taillamp at the rear with a red light, there must be another lamp that illuminates the license plate at the back. This light must be visible from 50 feet from the rear. Finally, it must be white. It must be lit when any headlamp is lighted.

Front License Plate

According to Texas law, any vehicle must contain a license plate, both at the front and the back. They must be well lit with a white lamp. Not equipping a front license plate will result in a fine of $200. The law was absent from Texas Transportation Code from 2012 to 2013.

Colored Lights

The Texas Transportation Codes require you to use bulbs that follow DOT or SAE standards. It means that they must have a stamp of compliance from any of them. Since there are no red lights with DOT and SAE approval, you should avoid using them unless they are approved and from the manufacturers.

What Does a Red Light Mean on a Tow Truck?

A tow truck cannot run a red light until it is at an emergency site. So, you can summarize that red light on a tow truck means that it is on an emergency evacuation or towing any law enforcement vehicles.

Can I Put My Front License Plate on My Dash in Texas?

The Texas Transportation Code requires a person to have two license plates at the front and the rear. The front plate must be on the front bumper, not the dash. One can get the fine of $200 otherwise.

Are Clear license Plate Covers Illegal in Texas?

No matter how it is, any protective cover on vehicle license plates that covers its contents is prohibited by Texas laws. You cannot have any frame that obstructs the letters or numbers. Also, there cannot be any wording like “Lone Star State” or “State of Texas”.

Are Tinted Plates Illegal in Texas?

Texas does allow license plate shields and frames. You can also go for tints. However, any tintings, covers, frames, colors, etc., that obstruct any content of the plate is not allowed. The license plate must be as visible as without the tints or covers.

Final Note

Applying protective covers, frames, or lightings on your license plates makes them look stylish and dazzling. But you must be aware of and follow the Texas Transportation Codes that explain how your license plate should be. Make sure that the license plates are always clearly visible as you are on the road.

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