Is It Illegal to Dumpster Dive in Texas?

Dumpstar diving in texas

In most parts of Texas, Dumpster diving is illegal! Dumpster diving involves getting into private properties. Stealing from private properties is punishable by law. If you continue to dumpster dive after being told to stop, you can be arrested. Dumpster Diving in Texas In most cities of Texas, dumpster diving is illegal. Taking trash from … Read more

Why Is It Snowing In Texas? Texas Snow Storm

snow storm in texas

Even though it is a southern state, Texas does experience snowfall and there have been significant cases of snowstorms in the state. On average, Texas snowfall is 0.1 inches, which is considerably lower than Northers and Western states. Snowfall in Major Texas Cities Dallas Does it snow in Dallas Texas? Dallas only rarely experiences snowfall. … Read more

Does Austin Texas Get Tornadoes?

tornado in texas austin

Austin from Texas does not only get tornadoes, but it is a high-risk area. The largest one so far was in 1997 that went as big as F4. It resulted in the death and injury of five. On average, Austin gets two tornadoes every year. Superfund What Is a Superfund? Superfund is any US area … Read more

Do Passengers Have to Show ID in Texas?

Id card for Passengers

In Texas, you are only obliged to show your id to a cop if you are lawfully under arrest, detained, or the officer has clues that you are an eye-witness of a crime. Otherwise, you don’t have to show anything (Texas P.C 38:02). Unlawful Arrest Resisting an Unlawful Arrest in Texas It is a crime … Read more