How to Be Governor of Texas? Duties, Requirements

How to Be Governor of Texas

First, communicate to the Texas Secretary of State and ensure that you and your registered address fit the position. Then, fill out the application- Declaration of Intent to Run and submit it 108-78 days before the primary election. Following the run-off election, candidates can begin spreading nominating petitions. They should also contact the Texas Secretary … Read more

Why Did Texas Change from Democrat to Republican?

why did texas change from democrat to republican

After the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865, Texas would vote democratic. However, many of the democratic parties, including Texas, supported the civil right act in 1964. Following the southern strategy by Nixon, Wallace and Texas switched to republican. History of Texan Government Texas Government System Texas used to be a democratic state from the … Read more

Does Texas Have Its Own Military?

does texas have its own military

Texas does have its own military forces, which is a combination of three branches. The Texas Air National Guard, Texas Army National Guard, and Texas State Guard together make the military. They take commands from the Texas Governor. The Three Branches of Texas Military Forces Texas State Guard Texas State Guard is one of the … Read more