How Big Is Texas Compared to Europe?

Europe has an area of 3,837,083 sq mi. Meanwhile, Texas is only 268,596 sq mi. However, Texas is still bigger than any single European country in comparison. France comes pretty close but still smaller.

Size of Other Countries of Europe


France, one of the largest cities in Europe, has a total area of 256,115 sq mi. If we exclude the sea territories, then the land area of France is 213,011 sq mi. Around 65,250,000 people live within Metropolitan France.


Situated between the Alps and the North Sea, Germany contains an area of 137,847 sq mi. It makes Germany 52.65% smaller than Texas. The country of poets is home to around 83 million people. Keep in mind that Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe.

United Kingdom

Containing four of the major cities of Europe, the United Kingdom has a 93,000 sq mi area. It means that the kingdom is almost three times smaller than Texas. As of 2018, the place has a population of 66 million.

Other Factors Regarding Texas

The Average Length of Texas

With a massive area of 268,596 sq mi, Texas is one of the largest states in the United States of America. Its average length is around 790 miles, and its width is 773 miles. The nation covers 7% of the land and water area of the USA.

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