Texas Flag Pledge: Only State with a Pledge

Is Texas the Only State with a Pledge

No, Texas is not the only state with a pledge of allegiance. There are 16 other states in the USA with their pledge aside from the usual Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag. It is nothing unique but can still be a total surprise to newcomers.

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Texas Pledge of Allegiance

The Texas pledge of allegiance is as follows- “Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.” Students from the state do it every day. It is almost unique as other states with pledges don’t say it to their state flags.

The Law

It is actually a mandatory rule for the students to say the pledge of Texas every day. However, if someone doesn’t want to do it or like the mention about God, they have an option of bringing a written note from their home as an excuse.

The Addition of ‘One State Under God’

The pledge of allegiance of Texas didn’t have a reference to God in the past. However, after the 80th legislature, the ‘one state under God’ part was added by House Bill 1034. It took until June 15, 2007, to finally be totally effective.

The Meaning of ‘One State Under God’

Texans added the ‘one state under God’ part in their pledge of allegiance as a symbol of faith. To them, it symbolizes that aside from being one nation under God, they are one state under God as well. Debbie Riddle, the state representative, sponsored the bill.

The Correct Way to Say the Pledge

Understandably, there is a way that one needs to do the pledge of Texas. When saying the pledge, one needs to remove headcovers with the right hand and place it on the left shoulder. Then place the right hand over his heart.

What Was the First Time Texas Changed the State Pledge?

Since the state introduced the original instructions to do the pledge in 1933, there were many changes throughout the years. The first change on the Texas state pledge was in 1965 when the ‘of 1836’ part was removed.

Final Note

Aside from Texas, states like Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, etc., have their pledges of allegiance. The Texan pledge was first introduced in 1933. The requirements for schools to do both the US and Texas pledge was effective by the Legislature in 2003.

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