Texas Flag Vs Puerto Rico Flag

texas flag vs puerto rico flag

There are various differences between the flags of Texas and Puerto Rico. While Texas is a state, Puerto Rico is not. Their flag sizes are different too. The Puerto Rican flag is 3 feet × 4.5 feet. Meanwhile, Texan flag size is 2 feet × 3 feet.

Facts About Both Flags

Puerto Rican Flag Stripes

There are five stripes that extend from the triangle shape at the left in a Puerto Rican flag. Among them, the top, middle, and bottom ones are red, and the other two are white. The standard width of these stripes is 6 inches each.

Standard Size of a Texas Flag

The standard size of the Texas flag is 3:2. Its blue vertical stripe at the left takes 1/3 of the total flag length. The white horizontal stripe takes the top half while the red one covers the bottom. The white star is in the center of the blue stripe.

Meaning of Texas Flag

The Texas flag stands for loyalty with its blue color, purity with white, and bravery with the red part. Meanwhile, the star represents the unity of all the people for the state, nation, and God. This star is why it is called the lone star flag.

Meaning of Puerto Rico Flag

The red stripes of the Puerto Rico flag symbolize the blood sacrifices of the people who fought for Puerto Rican independence from the Spanish. The White part represents liberty, victory, and peace. Meanwhile, the blue triangle indicates its government’s tri-branches. The white star represents the island surrounded by water.

What Is the Difference Between Chille’s Flag and Texas Flag?

The flags of Chile and Texas almost have similar looks. Both contain a bottom red stripe and a top white stripe. While the Texan flag has blue on the entire left side, the Chile flag has the blue color only on the left top corner.

Is the Texas Flag Allowed to Fly at the Same Height?

Texas flag, being the only one that can fly at the same height as the US flag, is just a rumor. All state flags may fly at the same height as the US flag. However, there are many rules in the US flag codes.

Why Is the Puerto Rican Flag Illegal to Display?

The Puerto Rican flag used to be illegal to display since May 21, 1948, because of the Gag Law or Law 53. It also prohibited singing any patriotic song of Puerto Rico. The law was repealed in 1957.

Final Note

Both Texas and Puerto Rican flag means a lot to their citizens. While the Puerto Rico flag was illegal to display for a nine-year period, it now proudly flies. Meanwhile, the Texas flag represents their unity, bravery, purity, and loyalty towards the state, nation, and God.

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